8/11 Is Here - And I Am Moving My Occult Research To 3Speak

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The past year has been a wild road for me, into the depths of numerology and gematria. I am fully aware that I am confusing many of you with my content. On one hand I am making quality articles and videos about stuff you all love. And then I am doing these crazy occult posts about numbers, that most of you would like to ignore. To me this is important to share but only with those who are seeking that knowledge. Hence, I have subscribed to 3Speak with a new account: @flauwy-abc123. I will post my occult content in the future there and merely resteem it with my main (which you can easily filter out these days).



There is no better space for my occult research than 3Speak. It is build as a free-speech safe haven for all those demonitized and deplatformed people, that the main stream wants to silence. Left, right, anarchists and all sorts of truth speakers. This is happening more and more these days and our rights to speak our individual truths is gradually fading away. Particular topics like mine are uncovering an evil side to our world and need to be protected from big brother. 3Speak is based on Steem and all videos and blog posts are posted to the Steem blockchain.

3Speak was founded by @oracle-d, @theycallmedan and @wehmoen, a power-team from the Steem blockchain. There is a monthly fee of about 3.80 USD, to cover their server costs. Unlike on DTube, my videos will never be deleted by the platform, even if my membership runs out. That is an important feature to keep my message out there and long living. I am also getting exposure among people who specifically look for this kind of truth uncovering, which will further help to spread the word about my work.

They cool thing is, that I double-post on Youtube as well but deactivate all comments there. Instead I am inviting all viewers to joing the conversation on 3Speak, where they can join just with their Facebook and Google accounts and start posting to the Steem blockchain and even earn upvotes - without having their own accounts. 3Speak has a super smart way to manage that via special commenting accounts, that asign comments to social media logins like that. Eventually, all of these new users can earn their own Steem account that way. No waiting, no buying, no friction.

Here is my first English video from my new account. I also have posted two German videos and will continue to create content in both languages on the new account.

50 Years After The Manson Family Golden Gate Sacrifice



Much of my research was pointing to August 10/11 as some occult firework weekend. Today is the 8/11 day and things were quite so far. I hope it stays that way! To me, my work is not about predicting any doomsday events but to uncover the rituals and practices of the elite, to unveil the grand deception we are all living. We live in a profound time and things are clearly on the move. Yesterday was a massive awakening for the masses, when Jeffrey Epstein supposedly committed suicide in his prison cell, while being on suicide watch. I didn't see that coming for 8/10 in the numbers, although it was clearly another Golden Gate eclipse sacrifice/ritual. We don't know what really happened but the numbers speak a clear story.

yet it was no surprise to anybody that it happened eventually.

The coding for this weekend was all about the Third Temple of Jerusalem, the symbolism of the Golden Gate, earthquakes and shootings. we will see how the day unfolds. In the end, I hope that nothing happens and this was all just some sorts of organic matrix that pulled all these events in history together like this. Either way, today is certainly a massive eclipse ritual symbolism that is undeniable and makes one wonder about our reality.

If you are interested in my previous work about 8/11, eclipse sacrifices and astrotheology, please visit my YouTube channel and Patreon for the InfoCharts.


There is much more to my work than just the ongoing weekend. Coding through astrotheology, including numerology, gematria, astrology, mysticism, symbolism, predictive programming and much more, all of that happens on a daily basis and I will continue to look closely at the hidden code of our matrix. You are all invited to follow me in this endeavor on @flauwy-abc123, where we will continue this discussion from now on.

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Glad to have you!

Glad to have u man!! Looking forward to seeing ur stuff

Nice post I really love every part of it. Keep the good work

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