Interview with Gematrinator 85: Decoding The Matrix With Numbers

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I had the chance to talk with Derrick aka Gematrinator 85, the creator of, the most important tool of my occult research. He has his own YouTube channel, where he speaks about Gematria and analyzes potential ritual sacrifices of the elite. Both of us have a very similar approach and style and I have learned a lot from Derrick.

We spoke about his beginnings, the August 11 phenomenon and its aftermath as well as the future of our occult research work.

I also tried to bring Derrick to Steem and 3Speak, but we will see about that. He does amazing videos on Youtube and would be perfect for our censorship resistant blockchain.

Important Links:
Gematrinator 85 Blog:
Gematrinator Calculator:
Gematria Discord: (link works only for 1 day, write me if you want to join later)
Zach Hubbard aka Gematria Effect News:
Bobby Simpson (Occult Astrology):
Seven7One1 (Armageddon Research):
Dan Behrendt (Gematria Vlog):
Anarchadelphia conference in Philadelphia:

Check out this video of Derrick about Jeffrey Epstein's supposed suicide on August 10 and how it connects to ritualistic eclipse sacrifices and other numerical riddles.

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i like this video alot! thanks for Gematrinator_85 for creating the tool and your deep knowledge about the numbers flauwny

since this was published your yt account url is not working anymore.
if someone clicks our username it gives:
Dieser Kanal ist nicht verfügbar.

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The Youtube channel is broken and I have neither knowledge nor interest to fix it again. You cannot access the channel anymore, only single videos directly. All content and conversations are on Steem exclusively. I will probably stop posting to YouTube entirely when this continuous to be a problem.

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