Learn to tolerate discomfort

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Just a few thoughts on something I have been working on. We all want to feel constantly comfortable (spiritually, mentally or physically) but Life loves to throw some curveballs every now and then.

Spiritually we travel through all emotions and states of consciousness and not all of them are pleasant.

Intellectually we tend to get invaded by undesired thoughts, traumas, fears, and anxieties.

Physically we get hurt, find our bodies don't feel or behave as we expect them to, and have to deal with aging and sickness,

However, I feel that when you tolerate the presence of discomfort it tends to go away very fast. It seems discomfort requires of you to struggle against it so that it can exist. Once you stop the struggle it is easy to remember that this is just a dream and that you are free to do as you wish with it.

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Wise words, buddy! This is the kind of stuff that we need these days ( with all the drama going around ). I was about to post some kind of Hypersensitivo or should I say 'Supersensitivosaurus' post, telling people to keep breathing. Might still do it.

Sitting with your discomfort or any other so called 'negative' emotion is definitely a better practice than our usual fight or flight response or in the case of emotions supressing, feeling bad because we try to push it away instead of accepting and feeling it, welcoming it, being curious about it and so on.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

P.S. I love the colors of that landscape. How's the weather / temperature these days?

Yeah, and you can still fight in other more intelligent ways, not being driven by the basic ego-survival instinct.

P.S. I love the colors of that landscape. How's the weather / temperature these days?

It's pretty hot, I sweat all day non-stop. Don't have thermometer so no idea for numbers. Still found out that exposing myself to sunlight for a while, specially while meditating, helps me regulate my temperature to a comfortable level.

I was about to post some kind of Hypersensitivo or should I say 'Supersensitivosaurus' post, telling people to keep breathing. Might still do it.

Go for it!

Yup, there's always more intelligent ways of doing things. Or, to rephrase that, using our intelligence over our instinct / reptile mind. I guess that's why hypersensitivosaurus is so awesome: He's a reptile who does not necessarily act on his reptile mind only.

No idea of the temperature? Are you without a smartphone? I'm kind of obsessed with things like temperature. I'm on the airport now, flying to The Netherlands and the timing couldn't be worse ( haha ), Spring was just starting in Portugal and Holland is stuck in a depression ( wind, rain and not very warm ).

Anyhow, we can't control the weather, so I will just keep breathing and enjoy the unfolding of the future ;>)

I was gifted a smartphone but it has no chip and it is a really old model so it's just sitting there until I get my ass off the farm and go somewhere I can buy a chip. Got absolutely no hurry hahaha!

Will we ever be able to do an AMA with hypersensitivosaurus? I think the Steem community could benefit greatly from his wisdom.

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Actually... One of the more decent posts ive seen in a while.. You have a point though

Thanks, probably not going to get much attention as everybody just wants war right now, lol.

That my friend is nothing but the truth. Well be positive maybe it could make a big difference. Diving too deep aint always bad hey

Bam! Blew my mind, wise words!

Mad respect broh....

Keep on living the good life Jah Bless

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