Vlog 448: A great first day watching the livestreams of Steemfest 4.

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Even though I couldn't make it this year I am watching the live streams/recordings like a hawk.

It's the first time I am not there but I do know what it's like to be there and I'm sure everyone there is having a blast.

Even from a distance, I'm extremely happy with what I have seen so far presentation-wise.

There where some great presentations from Steemit Inc. where they share their vision for Steem and Steemit.com.

It's well worth the watch here:

Steemit Inc presentations:

Steemit inc Team Presentation Start from 15min HERE

SMT presentation Start from 57:15 HERE

What the SMT creation screen looks like:

Screenshot 2019-11-07 at 08.11.44.png

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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I am truly sad that I couldn’t be at the @steemfest either due to a surgery last week but watching YouTube right now gives me that feeling that I am right there. It would have been the 4th time and I always remember our amsterdam tour together. Sending much love to all steemians !!! I miss you all !!!

I am sorry to read you needed surgery. I hope everything went well.

And I feel the same way, would have loved to be there but due to some circumstances I couldn't make it this year but the issue was important enough so I just accepted it.

Youtube does help though to get some of the awesomeness at home. And who knows. Maybe Steemfest 5 we meet again :)

What a massive contrast that Steemit talk was to the one Ned did last year.

I'm sad I couldn't be there this year, especially when I saw familiar faces in the audience. But I feel much more optimistic now about there being a Steemfest 5 than I felt about the future after Krakow. Many people were saying there wouldn't be another one.

Engagement is well down from last year and the majority of people I interacted with are no longer here. As a result I've lost motivation to post but that's OK. As an investor I feel the overall picture for Steem is rosey and I'm maintaining contact with many people I met here.

Hopefully we'll all meet again at Steemfest 5!!! 😍

Good to see you here. Yes the conference did have a bullish effect on me as well.

How about at least popping by to enter my contest? Almost no entries and so it would be good to have some of your quality shots!

You old flatterer you! How could I refuse? 😂

I'm not sure if I've got pictures of door knockers. I have lots of doors I know so I'll see if I have anything suitable. I'll keep my eyes open when I'm out and about too.

It's nice to be remembered! 😍

Yes it's a bit of a down period but I'm ever hopeful. still trying to engage while I wait for a turn around with communities and SMT's.

Yeah, I feel the same way 100% about Steemit Inc. It was nice to see the whole team on stage and sharing a good (positive) vision.

I know engagement is down from before but when I compare it to another downtrend I have seen (the one from 2017, January, February). This place is very much alive still.

I hope you just keep posting. As you like photos, have you tried Appics? It's a great app to share images.

I've done a few appics post but nowadays wouldn't want to use it because of the downvoting.

Maybe when communities and SMTs come out that would be a good time to use it again. Will have to see how things go. 😊

Try to update your appics app and test the new update - you now earn both APX and steem for your posts! a lot of momentum on APPICS right now, and the downvoting was reduced

I'll give you an upvote on APPICS :)

Ok. Thanks for the info @sirwinchester. I'll maybe give it a go at the weekend. 😁

Steemit INC presentations this year have been wonderful.

Aw. You're there too @jarvie. Everytime I see someone I "know" is there I get all sad again. 😂

Wow bro

I am quite excited about SMT's when finally businesses would use it and make steem demand get into higher levels pushing its price up. Thank for the developers that is continually making such improvements for the benefit of humanity in general both the early investors to the future users of steem. @exyle :D

Same here man. SMT's and communities and all the backend stuff combined plus the already working applications on the blockchain today should make for a good 2020.

Very exciting. I am actually shocked that you re not there. I guess we all need to prioritize things though and I have no doubt you had a very good reason. I wish I could have went, but if Poland was a stretch, Thailand is even more of one! I am very envious of all the people that were able to attend. I wonder how much representation the States get at events like this.

I had a good reason. Otherwise, I would have been for sure. Hopefully, we can meet next year man!

I watched it as well this morning and it had a similar effect on me.

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Cool! Now, I'm really looking forward to the presentation from @roadscape.

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