Vlog 438: Sell high, buy low. It's a lot easier said than done.

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In this vlog, I talk about how I can buy STEEM today because of investment decisions made in 2017.

I also talk more about why I'm still buying STEEM and why I won't allow human emotions to waiver me from my goals.

I have a clear vision of what I believe Steem can become and I keep my sole focus on that.

So far I have not seen a single sign why it could not happen.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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I came here to Steemit with a vision, and interestingly enough it was recurring dreams which led me to this platform in the first place, preemptively hinting me here with the messages that "soon a new platform will emerge that I should definitely be part of" which will "eventually bring me all the Freedom I want". When I then finally found Steemit in February 2018, in the very same night I got some confirmative feeling in my dreams that this is "it". This is why my Trust in the platform is unconditionally unwavering. Over the last months the guidance in my dream state has become ever more precise, from "Steem will reach the masses soon" to the dream advice that "it is best to accumulate as much Steem as possible until January". Those types of dreams are not to be mistaken for everyday dreams but rather they are Quantum experiences whereby I occasionally - without preparation - enter a very deep state of the collective subconscious energy stream, which when it happens costs a lot of energy yet allows me to glimpse Information which serve as long-term anchoring of my trust so that I stay firm on my path. From the very beginning there has been an inexplicably profound Heart-felt "That's it!", a moment of most precise crystal ball divination, and it is the consistent reconnection with and remembering of this very energy combined with the trust that will allow us to unswervingly outpace any Fata Morganas no matter which extremes we are temporarily being subjected to.

We should never definitely judge a situation, experiences or events in the moment of their occurence, but retain an inner neutrality with an attitude that everything always ever happens for us, never against us; it might not make sense to us right now, but the day will come that we see why the way it happened was the best of all.


Arg.... I am kicking and slapping myself for not preparing better. So much money spent on useless garbage...

But it is what it is. I do try to dollar cost average when I do buy steem, when I have the funds (which is not often) and I will continue to do that even when Steem goes up or down again. I just hope it stays relatively low for maybe a another few months or so.

I think my best bet though is to earn more steem, Yeah this hardfork is not going to make that easier for me since I am far down on the steem totem pole, but at least I know and realize that I do have many many opportunities to earn. I do not have to limit myself to written blogs and steem monsters. (I am thinking about starting my own vlog soon)

Hearing your story, of how you worked and filters earnings into steem gives me hope that I can do the same, that we all can do the same, if that's what we want. I think I will have to filter my earnings from Tribes mostly but Hey, this a start.

Ok I rambled enough. Time for more coffee. Have a good day

i joined you today, bought 5K steem. i sense btc might go for another leg soon and that might mean bottom for steem, crossing fingers...

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Wow! Impressive buy man, hope it works out well for you!

Obviously for you, buying Steem has seemed like a habit for you, it's definitely the gathering period, I see you laid emphasis on using steem to build and earn passively with all your investment. You're definitely buying everyday and believe me, buying is what I'll be doing as well. No Bette r time to prepare for the future really. Amazing there @exyle

I only buy if it's make a new low daily. Every plus day /breakeven day I skip.

Makes you stop buying in horizontal times or when it's rising..

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It's the easiest way of trade anything about steem i have to be honest i can't find a happy final for it i mean where is the leader and what he's doing for steem. Regards

I think the best thing to do is stock up on SBD and then set some buy orders on the internal market and just wait if it gets picked up you can pick up some really bargain prices on steem

Imagine if everybody could buy low, and everybody could sell high? Wouldn't that be awesome for us all?
Except... who would sell to us at low prices, and who would buy from us at high prices?

Good choice not buying on this day. The market is proving you right at the moment. I am still waiting for bitcoin to go down before starting to buy steem. I have made a comment on your previous post about powering up/down. Hope you read it.

Great strategy exyle.... lets move on to #NewSteem :)

It's around the corner now!

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Glad to see that you're waivering like the others.

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