Vlog 437: HF21 in six days.

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Hardfork 21 is on my mind constantly.

Even though I can't 100% oversee what will happen, personally, I'm looking forward to it a lot.

The SPS or STEEM.DAO is marketable, that is a very good thing and it's already being written about on several media. It will also make sure that part of the reward fund is dedicated to the development of Steem.

The EIP will distribute STEEM in a different way. Or in other words, it will give more tools to the holders of STEEM to distribute it. The new Curve and separate downvote pool will also help here.

One thing is for sure, everyone will need to work much harder to earn it.

I'm still buying STEEM because of this. For me it just makes sense, I find myself working hard enough for every STEEM as it is and tbh. just buying it is 10x more efficient currently, even though I do fairly well with my blogs.

After my interview with Dan, I expect the Trending page to change and bit bots having a much harder time generating revenue as they have done in the past. A lot of those bot rewards will go back into the pool.

According to my calculations, curating should become about 80% more effective to earn STEEM then it is now. I expect more people to start curating than currently.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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Thanks for clearing up some of my questions. The current talk seems a tad confusing and spent a few hours going through various posts from different authors with a range of opinions.

At first felt unsettling but after some research it seems this is for the greater good and is in fact more positive than negative.

I think getting rid of bid bots is probably a good thing.

I have also just been trying to take advantage of the current low price of steem and putting every spare penny and some not so spare into getting as much sale price steem as I can.

Either way I am in and going nowhere. I love our community and believe in @steemit. 😊

Great video exyle. i think more will need / want more steem and see best way to get it now, is to buy it.

Yeah, currently that is indeed the best way to acquire it. It will change when the price goes up. Then creating content/curating for it is probably the better option.

6 more days. Seems like we've been talking about this hard fork for a long time. Sure will be interesting to see what happens when this change comes about. Have a great day! We all your steem stacking dreams come true LOL

"One thing is for sure, everyone will need to work much harder to earn it."

I like this thought, I need this push up up my own effort and ability on Steem. This will force me, and others, to either adapt or wither away.

I might even try my abilities out with a vlog. I like the concept of @threespeak and trying new things that I am nervous about.

I also can't understand yet if it will be good or bad, but it definitely is an enormous change.

When it comes to the curve, it will force a new approach and new habits from all of the community when it comes to taking the most out of curation.

Overall, I see this as a last-ditch effort to eliminate spam and shitty comments/posts.

Steem is in the best state I've ever seen it in, it's also the cheapest I've ever seen it... do the math ;)

I hope there will be a steem in a box version before it happens so I only have to update it the new version is also very attractive so I can do more with the witness server.

You know steem is done a lot with bots I will bottanise my house also more so I have to do less at home.

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It will surely be interesting to see how the dynamics between the bid bot votes and downvotes work as the reward pool should become more rewarding for good content. However, it depends on the behavior being rational which is not always the case. I am just excited as I feel we will all learn once again and adapt to the changes.

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I wonder if it's going to be a rough transition or a smooth one. I think this might be a negative for newer creators with few followers or Steem power but the ones who persist and or adapt will be all the better for it.

I know personally I need to up my own game and push myself to new heights and explore more of what Steem has to offer. even if it means pointing a camera at my own mug and joining @threespeak.

That is just less than a week

I think we should be afraid... Very afraid. :) I really don't know either. I can see this as being the time that things really turn in favor of the orcas and whales and anything below a dolphin will be left in the dust. Scraping around for curation rewards here and there. It's going to be highly possible that new content creation will die even more than it has. I look forward to seeing what happens though.

In conclusion, whatever the reason, buy more steem!

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Let's see what HF21 will bring us

really, you earned bigger from the time you spent steem in buying it?
also, we will expect now that downvoting will be seen always in steem?

The curation will increase with this hopefully that will be great for content creators

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