Watercolor Portrait: Zombie Mom

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Doing a New Thing: My First Time Uploading to 3Speak

Words About the Art:
This video is a timelapse of one of my recent watercolor illustrations. I wanted to do something different with the cOlOrS, different from "normal" human flesh and hair tones. Complementary tones seemed like a straightforward place to start, "what could go wrong?".

Admittedly, I did question my choice of green skin at first. "Ah, lovely. I just made the Hulk's wet dream." But once everything was all said and done, she seemed to have more of a sallow, undead glow. Fetching. Add a perky orange bob, and - BOOM - zombie mom appeared. Sweet!

Words About First 3Speak Upload:
Figuring out how to log in to 3Speak took me a wHile, a longer wHile than I really care to admit. The important part is I MADE IT!! (!!!). Excitement aside, once I successfully logged in, the upload process was quite smooth and intuitive. I am really looking forward to uploading more video and any suggestions on how I can improve my videos and make them better for you, please do share in the comments!

Thank You Everyone for Your Support. Let's continue to stand together and do what we do best! Comments, Critique and Feedback Welcome Below :-)

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LoL zombie mum XD And isn't "what could possibly go wrong" how everything starts going wrong? XD

When you were doing the hair did you just tip the book up and let the colours slide down some?

Yay for figuring out how to log into 3Speak!

YES! That is normally how it goes :-) Gotta love it. As to the hair, yes I tilted the bottom edge of the book and the color ran down nicely. After the first layer dried, I went back over it with long, light, flicking type strokes with the brush to give the hair some depth.

It seems impossible to keep up with the fast-paced evolution of life on the Internet, so I was really happy when I got in there and finally saw the video status: "Published". Thank you for your support !