Movement Is Essential for Humankind

in threespeak •  9 months ago  (edited)

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Our bodies are so much fucking stronger than what we've ever thought. Like, its hard to even visualize it. That's how fucking hard we are.

This is an older video that disappeared off the internet, so I'm re-uploading on 3Speak, I like the vibe in it and its has special value for me lol.

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Yo broooo, I hope you are ok.
Saw that video you were talking about the past 8 month and damn it made me feel sad! Glad to see you uploading often again and Enjoying life.
Gonna check the post later, can't watch right now.
Cheers mate

Yes brother, I'm great. Right on the line between hapiness and sadness, they can't touch me - so don't worry about it 🙃🙏

How are you bro?

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Everything is fine, the way it was and better.
@Steemskate all the way up brooo!
Much love man

@enjoyinglife Hey such a nice and informative post!!!! Love to go through such posts. Really interesting!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!
Wish you luck =)
Keep going✌@enjoyinglife

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