My Thoughts on Bitcoin Hex Aka HEX

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You probably have seen alot of talk surrounding this platform, HEX. I Spent the better part of my afternoon trying to claim my free Tokens to NO AVAIL.

This platform gives me a lot of Bitconnect vibes, something we all know didn't go too well for many in the end.

The concept is basically Staking your Tokens as a way to store value as well as to potentially earn some more staking rewards which are going to be shared across the board among all stakes.

Not sure what I make of it yet, but I say if there's FREE Money to be claimed then it doesn't hurt at all. The Free Tokens to be claimed are available to all BTC holders so if you are in that category then you might as well secure the bag.

Another way of getting your hands on some of this Tokens is by Coveting some ETH into HEX. Which is not something I'd advice anyone to ATM. Nobody knows of this Hex Tokens will ever have value, so it's just a mere speculation. If you must, as always, let it be money you can afford to lose.

There's supposedly a calculator to estimate how much HEX you earn for staking, so if it's truly something you're interested in, DYOR FIRST.

Your Thoughts?

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It's prolly not a scam. The creator of it is I think just too exposed to scam anyone. He would be in jail in about 3 days if indeed he tried to pull a scam. He wouldn't be able to show his face ever again.
It just seems like some meh project.
People like to call everything a scam nowadays and there's really a motivation for the maximalists to shut him down since he went from being a maximalist among the better known ones to being critical of bitcoin.

Now they pile on him because they see a chance to.

Ill stay away from it a since I don't see much value in his idea but o wouldn't call it a scam.

HEX chose a perfect time to launch in a forming BTC bear market and before so-called "altcoin season". Monies flowing out of BTC into altcoins and projects such as HEX are what the maximalists fear. Its still extremely early to see what HEX is going to achieve and there is a long time to wait to see it through.


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I literally was watching every video on this and trust me stay away from this. It smells of scam! Great idea, but total scam.

I am also a little bit sketical, but I will claim the free tokens if I can :D

Yes, go for it! I think that will be fine. Just be careful out there.

I am always dubious with free things so I am happy to let this one ride.