The ecoVillage Healing Dance Festival Fundraiser Promo - Celebrate a new paradigm of living

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ecoVillage brings to you a great way to party and support the creation of a new paradigm off-grid community in Portugal. This short video is a rough promo to share with you who are helping to manifest this entire vision.

What better way to fundraise than by celebrating what we are here to bring, we are the change we have been waiting for. Let me know what you think, and if you want to be involved in creating this fantastic fundraising event to support the ecoVillage project.


I haven't YET got my own footage for such an event, so i have used images and footage from youtube,, and please excuse that watermark the middle! Drum and bass music brings the feeling and mood that this event will bring. If you have never danced all day and night to drum and bass, this is one event to look out for! (Details to be confirmed!) ..

@orlev, What do you think!?? ;-) I hope you like Drum N Bass! ;-))

All proceeds of this event will go toward the ecoVillage project.


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Wow, this is so good. A Healing dance is such a liberating experience. I have done it once at one of the ashram and it just blew me off. I cannot forget that experience. Resteemed and supported. Next I need to figure out buying the Eco Village Coin :-)

glad u think so!!! glad it caught your eye, that is a good sign ;-) <3 xxx

ill have tp post soon about ecoVillage coin.. there is a lot to say! xx

I can't believe I'm saying this, but this looks like an excellent idea! Usually I'm not very big on festivals, electronic music is not my favorite, and staying up all night, whether dancing or doing other things, never felt good afterwards. (I probably didn't do it in the way that it heals...)
BUT I believe it's a great idea for a fund raiser, as well as for promoting the EcoVillage. Shared.

i surprised myself really! ITs the last thing i imagined doing, but i had a vision .. quite a clear, beautiful and strong one,.. and i followed it.. Then it turned out that the other land owner, (orlevs friend) has a background in festivals in the UK, and the whole thing just started to fit perfectly!

THis is of course going to be a new paradigm event too! No fixed prices, people just eat and drink and pay whatever they want .. including entry..

Clean fun, good food, a focus on healing, with a very special spiral dance happening... that will be once to experience! We will attract the more nature based people rather than druggies, .. those who know how to party clean as well as whilst in altered states..

Lets see how this one pans out.. but i can tell you now ill likely be drumming through the whole event ;-)

Looks really good. I've had an interest in drumming for years but never tried it. Maybe at the festival I will!?!

indeed! yes drumming circles can be an amazing experience!

Awesome! I love drum n bass music but my health is so bad these days I'm not sure I could dance for an hour, let alone a whole night. I'd love to attend a healing dance event sometime in the future though 🙂

Hey Alex. Looks great! And I see the issue with the logo.

I may have some footage from a small nightclub and a healing/art/dance party in Bali which could work for you but the wider shots with lots of people in a big venue with funky lighting I don't have.

glad u think so! i like the music mainly -)
SO yes, that sounds perfect.. whatever you have im sure i can use.. and maybe figure out the rest! THANK U!

Keep on raising the energy!
Love to see this healing vibe and curious to find out how it will work!
Resteemed and will be watching to see how it unfolds!

Looking good. I would love to attend such and event. Have been meaning to go to Boom in Portugal for a few years now 💯🐒


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Looks great!
I love Drum n'Bass. Well have to see when you get here exactly the practical side of things. Looking forward to it..!

Ive run. A test at three parties.. generally it was well received.. but u godda play the right kind! Anhyhoo, now this will more like a small celebration once we build something.. at which point this will probably happen quite spontaneously!

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