You Have NO Rights

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The ONLY exception: rights you claimed and will defend yourself. Any other right you believe you have is imaginary, and only serves to provide you with a false sense of security.

Therefore, I hereby claim my right to free speech, to question authority, to be skeptical, to demand evidence of claims made, to be offensive, to go against the status quo, to be dissident, to think and say what I believe is true - regardless of what others believe and say, regardless of who disagrees with me, and regardless who may be offended. I will protect that right with my life.

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Pit of Hell

Decentralized platforms are imperative in today's age of mass censorship, memoryholing of dissenting voices, and overt removal of certain ideas from the mainstream.

Liberty or death.


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One of those things that is as scary as it is accurate.
We should all claim and defend our rights, or not complain when our lives and lands are taken from us.

Opportunities to speak freely are getting reduced by the week, right now :(
I hope @threespeak and other platforms remain up and don't sell out.

Good ole Patrick Henry.

Yeah. Imagine a politician in 2019 addressing the federal government by demanding they grand he and his state full liberty, or put him to death? Who has that kind of balls nowadays?

Thanks for mentioning plants (cannabis).
The prohibition of cannabis is one of the most glaring examples that we aren't free.

Excellent video and statement @drutter! I had come to similar conclusions about the nature of rights:

Awesome :) Well said there.
Just curious, did you come up with that yourself (other than incorporating thoughts from other authors of course)? I ask because it's very similar to my own thoughts, and mine were all my own. It's interesting to note the similarities. I think it's because we're uncovering a truth that already exists, as opposed to creating a concept as we go. This is a deeply-embedded human reality. I think most people (in the absence of brainwashing) will come to a similar conclusion, almost as though it is self-evident to properly-functioning free minds, but appears to be dangerous nonsense to anyone else.

Indeed, it's an onion peeling process I think... I don't really believe I can lay claim to any original idea, rather, I stumble upon things that have been pinging "from the ethers" so to speak. I'm actually usually pretty late to the game, lol... but I believe "we all" get there at some point.

Au contraire, I find your understanding of the topic well-rounded and appropriate! (But maybe that's because I'm just as late to the game? lol)
You're right, we can't claim this is our idea, and yet, I don't think anyone else can, either. So we're just as much the crafters of the idea as anyone else is :)
Anyhow, keep on thinking about and writing about liberty. You're good at it.

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