how a small group could control society

in threespeak •  11 months ago  (edited)

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I asked recently ( what the world would look like if a small group tried to control society. This video explains logically how it could - hypothetically - be done.

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Seems like the group that wants to control other people is so small, it's almost a defect since it's maladaptive. Is this group kind of like a disease on the Earth? Is this just human nature destined to play out no matter what?

Brave of you for asking! Thanks for posting and inspiring others to also ask the tough questions.

These topics make excellent 3speak videos. Completely banned on YT and most other mainstream platforms!

So you have settled on a scapegoat for all the World's problems? Jooooooooooews!!! WHAT IF, you can't figure out what the source of their supposed power is. WHAT IF.

@drutter, In my opinion we are influenced on Core Level and many times people get manipulated on the basis of Emotions and few gameplayers makes masses emotional fools.

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Well, do i really think it will he possivle for small group. Well though nothing is impossible