Liberty: A Way of Life

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Liberty isn't just a word put on coins. It's a way of life!

In the 1990s, along with the rest of the world, I discovered the internet. Right away, I knew it was a gamechanger. I was drawn to its capabilities and potential. I learned about Liberty and increasingly began to live my life based on it, and I wasn't alone.

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With rampant mainstream censorship and manipulation of the facts, I believe blockchain technologies and decentralized platforms are the next gamechanger! That's where the internet is still free.

In Liberty,

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What would Liberty be without Peace? I guess both require the other.

We once had Liberty in Canada. Not sure when it was last really observed, maybe the 80s?

before most of us were born.
in other words, almost nobody today remembers a free Canada. : ((

Well, we all know how "legalization" turned out for Canada. Shitty cannabis, at triple the regular price (which itself is inflated by prohibition). Patients suffering across the country. It's worse than almost anyone predicted.
That's the state of Liberty in Canada!

This version is slightly updated from the previous one. (The definition of Liberty is clarified.)

If Liberty really was a way of life for more people, what a wonderful world we could be living in!

We'ed definitely live in a better world! (see what we did there?!)