Tyranny Checklist (censored on YT)

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Are you living under tyranny right now? Let's find out, with this simple and informative 4 minute video!

tyranny checklist thumb.png

Originally uploaded to YouTube in January 2011, and heavily censored after initially going viral, there are now 2 free and censorship-resistant platforms to watch Tyranny Update on:


▶️ Click to watch on LBRY


▶️ Also available on 3Speak

You don't need an account to watch videos on LBRY, but there are numerous benefits to signing up, which is extremely quick and easy to do. Here's my referral link - I get about 50 cents worth of their token, and you get some too, for signing up! Excellent censorship-resistant block-chain based totally decentralized platform. A powerful replacement for YouTube.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to find out if you're living under tyranny!

Have you, or someone you love, been troubled by any of the following conditions?

  • Corruption and fraud within government?
  • Conspiracy, also known as secret plots?
  • Censorship?
  • Dumbing down of the populace through such means as chemicals harmful to the brain in the food, water, or vaccinations?
  • A poorly funded education system that doesn't properly teach science and critical thinking?
  • Distractions such as popular culture, consumerism, organized religion, or professional sport?
  • Social engineering, which is the influencing of a society's attitudes and behaviours on a large scale and over many years?
  • Propaganda?
  • Travel restrictions?
  • Mass mind control?
  • Gradual debasement of currency until it has no intrinsic value?
  • False flag events used to generate support for unpopular things like wars of aggression?
  • Systematic removal of rights, such as the right to own weapons or the right to privacy?
  • Prohibition of specific substances, be they natural or man-made?
  • Corrupt media?

If so, you may be suffering under tyranny!

Please stay tuned to this channel for more information, possible solutions, and opportunities to get involved.



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Nice to know there's documentation of YouTube censorship going back to at least 2011! People were called paranoid crazy freaks for many years, for speaking out about YouTube censorship!
Thanks 3Speak :))

Good point. Important stuff.

Speaking of checklists:

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  • resteemed!

YouTube intentionally muted your early warning call.
Luckily there's still a little freedom left, for some of us, and it's not too late to heed the warning and become prepared, at least mentally.

I watched this video back in the day when you first posted it. Loved it. I think you should do more fireside chats.

That said, I have mixed feelings about 3Speak. How come I (and many other good folks) can't post a video there? The reason I haven't posted my best stuff on YouTube isn't because I haven't been censored and kicked off, but because I know I need to self-censor there. I don't like 3Speak's policy and agenda... There's something not quite right. But glad its working for you and hope you make tons of money. You deserve some credit. Don't hitch your wagon to them tho, I think.

Thanks for the advice. Do you have anything specific you're concerned about?
The reason uploads aren't open to the public yet is probably cost. There's a reason there aren't thousands of different video hosting sites out there (and it's cost). It's the same reason that DTube videos disappear after 2-3 weeks.
3Speak does hope to be able to fully compete with YouTube, and soon. It's a lofty goal, and I hope they manage to do it. There are only a few other free video hosting sites out there, and they are ALL heavily censored (and have other drawbacks). 3Speak is well coded (from what I can tell), offers support for users, and even upvotes comments on video posts (as you've just noticed). I'm as skeptical as the next guy, and I never hitch my wagon too tightly to anybody, but let me know if I'm missing something!

Upon first read, we thought the title said Tranny Checklist...seemed unusual for your content, haha woops! Freudian slip or something? lol jk

It's probably on our minds because all of the weird talk in the news lately about transrights, transchildren, transdiscrimination, transblah blah blah.

Hahah, transsexualism is a hot topic right now! People are getting banned from YouTube for being "transphobic".... or even discussing the topic incorrectly.

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check, check, check, check, check, check, and....
check. : (