Germinating & Sprouting Cannabis Seeds

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Almost anyone can safely grow excellent cannabis, for close to no cost, with stuff they have at home! Watch as I demonstrate the first step - germinating seeds.

[ Soil to Oil ] Guide to Growing Indoor Cannabis - Germinating Seeds:

Follow me on Steem as I grow this crop from start to finish on the blockchain! It starts here:


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good easy instructions that anybody could follow.
using cheap stuff from home is a plus.
more people should be growing!!

It really is amazing how easy it is to germinate those seeds. Makes me wish I had my old house and garden again so I could grow more. Not enough room in my RV except for a few plants. Hope you get a great crop.

I know that feeling! Well just remind yourself that you'll get back to gardening (in a bigger way) at some point, when you're able. Sounds like you're in mobile/freedom mode at the moment? It's nice that you can keep your green thumb from going completely stagnant, with a few plants here and there! All the best and thanks for your comment.

Ho ho ho, 'tis the season to be poppin' beans!

Nice video. Its so easy that even grandma can do it! ;)

They're getting off to a good start! They seemed quite cozy by the heater and now on top of the fridge. I'm really excited to have a crop of christmas trees again! Let's decorate them this year :)

That'd be awesome... do it!
Upvoted and resteemed this post.

Thanks for getting this done in video form. We've bookmarked it for future reference and to share with others. upvoted.

Why didn't this post get even a dollar in upvotes? The author will barely get a dime after it's split up and pillaged for payout. :(

I have no idea why this is in a category called "hive-100421". I didn't select that as a tag. All my previous threespeak videos have been in the threespeak category by default. I've never even heard of hive-100421. And I can't edit it, or delete this video and start over, so it's permanent. Laaaaame, that will really mess with its visibility. :/

The 5 categories I actually selected were: cannabis, garden, weedcash, doityourself, medicine

The 3 it added which I didn't want are: hive-100421, general, palnet

That's pretty stupid. Hopefully it can be fixed in the back end?
Nice to have all this new 3Speak content lately ;D