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RE: Spider Coccoon

in #threespeak2 years ago

Very nice sketch ! ^^
About HardFork 22, I have to admit that for users like me, it's quite obscure and incomprehensible... As well everything wasn't so clear before :D
I'm the kind of user who is happy to share his work, to go here and there time to time so see other works... but without taking too much time to understand the workings and mechanisms of the system. In that way, I could say that Steemit is not totally user friendly for now ^^ So what I hope, for myself, is to see this platform evolving toward more simplicity - maybe it takes some adjustments like this Hardfork first ?


Oh, I think if you cant quite feel the difference, then you shouldn't worry too much about Hard Forks, Djac :)

The MOST palpable thing about hard forks are the down time and network instability that are bound to happen as the platform adjusts to new settings. Once they are stabilized, things should get back to normal :)