Steemit Blogging Course On Udemy from DCooperation member - @thecrytotrader !

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I'm @clixmoney the founder of DCoopration.

I created @dcooperation for steemians to collaborate.

Steemians are sending us content, it's all shared in this account and powered up to support them all.

This video is to share the course created by our member @thecrytotrader about steemit in Udemy !

Please support the guy, here is the link to his post about this topic : My Own Steemit Blogging Course On Udemy , Grab A Special 48% Discount via Steemit Referral Link In This Post !!

Enjoy watching.

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Hey thanks buddy for your Superb support and mention in your post. I am really happy to be a part of community like this where all members are very good and supportive for each other.

This course is for sure get anybody started on Steemit and i will add more lessons in this course next week to make it the ultimate guide for Steemians who wants to join this CryptoCurrency revolution.

Thanks again man really appreciated.😇😇

You're welcome. Thanks for being a part of the community. :)

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