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I'm @clixmoney the founder of DCoopration.

I created @dcooperation for steemians to collaborate.

Steemians are sending us content, it's all shared in this account and powered up to support them all.

I decided to use all the pictures to create this awesome video.

Enjoy watching.

Those are all steemians who participated in this are from :

In fact in the community we have almost 300 members, but they are not that active, so we need more people to join the community and to participate in our collaborations.

All those who already sent pictures will get an autoupvote 25% every single day for a month from @dcooperation.

If you want to have the same reward, you can still send us a picture where you hold a paper writing there where are you from.

But, you have to be a full member of dcooperation to participate in our collaborations.

All you have to do, is to create an introduction post in the community here : https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-177976

That's the new beta steemit website where communities are created. The introduction post should be created there.

If you already participated you can do the same. We need more posts in our community !

This post will be promoted in all social media to make people know how we are all conncted here. Please send more content to our community, so we will create here more often.

Also, you may get an upvote from @tipu by tagging @clixmoney in ''get-un-upvote'' channel, before you post. We kindly ask our members to use #posh tag and to share their posts in twitter, so you may get un upvote from @ocd as well. We are in touch with @helpie and you may get support from them as well. In case your post is related somehow with promoting steem, we ask to use #promo-steem tag and you may get un upvote from @theycallmedan or @oracle-d.

We are ready to collaborate with other steem communities. Please feel free to mention the community you're active in, in the comments and tell us how we can collaborate.

Join our discord server here : https://discord.gg/UMAMYkP

For more details about how @dcooperation works check this post : Gamification in DCooperation !

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wow @Clixmoney dear it is really awesome video, boom boom , i am happy to join @decooperation

Yay! thank you so much. :)

You're welcome.

@tipu curate

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I was not aware it sir i will send my entry soon.

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