Steem review from Italy - By @dexpartacus !

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This video is edited by me @clixmoney for our DCooperation community and all steemians to promote steem on the web.

Thanks a lot for @dexpartacus for sending us the video. ☺

He's a great steemian from Italy, who is active in steem for more than 2 years.

He sent very cool footages from Italy and shared his opinion about steem.

The video went really nice. You will feel the honesty of @dexpartacus and how he's excited about the community here.

Now in @dcooperation anyone can send us videos, we put them on the channel and earn from that and all the rewards are going to power up or to reward participants and this time @dexpartacus will get an autoupvote from us worth 25% every single day for the whole month.

We are doing the same to other steemians who sent us videos this month and those are : @josediccus , @chireerocks, @solominer and @alokkumar121 who is getting 29% because he's delegating to us some power. For more details about how our curation works, you can check here : Gamification in DCooperation !

Enjoy watching the video. ☺

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Thanks a lot! Great editing!
...and awesome landscapes!😄
You rules @clixmoney!!💪🤗✌️

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You're very welcome. ☺

@dcooperation, Keep Collaborating and keep Growing team. Stay blessed.

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Thanks a lot.


Stima per @dexpartacus

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Grandeee!! Grazie mille!! 😀✌️

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@tipu curate 2