The leaderboard is back in 3speak !

in Threespeak - OLDlast year (edited)


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In this video I talked about the leaderboard in @threespeak !

I'm glad it's back on the platform.

I also talked about why I'm excited about this event and what motivates me to create in the applications !

Enjoy watching. ☺


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This is soo good that after months time we have got leaderboard back. I can see that you're on rank 39 and I am at 132.
Now it's time to push and get better rank. Thanks for sharing this update. I like this because it helps to track the growth on Steem.

I also noticed the change that I can see SPK and TRX. Not sure how it works. Do you have any update about it?

Yeah, I like the leaderboard a lot. About the TRX I asked the support today. I will create about that if I will be updated. I think earning tron there at the same time, will be a bonus for us. I think it will be in a form of tips maybe, I don't think that tron has the upvote system like steem does.

I agree with you that earning trx may not be the option and wait for the update from you.. thanks buddy for reply. Have a nice weekend

Yes. Rank motivation😀 my rank 58. I going to first 30😀🚀

Cool. Just keep creating and I think you will get there. :)