Gaming everything !

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In this video I talked about how I see everything as a game.

I wonder as well about the rules of games we are always playing.

Gamification is really awesome.

Enjoy watching the video. ☺

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This video perfectly depicts the our situation into this game, we are part of the game and bigger game than we can imagine, we are only few ignorant folks sprinkled with little or no intelligence, there are many things going around at different vibrations. Once we get know to the Prana (guiding force) then this game is revealed to us in to ten folds, everything is programmed and connected to every other thing. I think, Winning is not important, because we don't even know if we're sent here to win or loose, we win only when we understand our role in this bigger game is mere minuscule for short period of time.

There is an video posted on yesterday by @wayo

Really great comment. I like the part where you wrote that we win only when we understand our role in the game. It's the best answer to my question "Maybe winning is the most important?". :)

@clixmoney, Yes, we can see the life as a Game and in my opinion creator gave us the Free Will to play our role in this game.

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Yeah, indded we have the free will and we should enjoy it. Nothing should restrict from reaching our goals. Let's always win the game. ☺

Yes for sure.

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