Why people invest in scams ?! - Invest in working blockchain !

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I created this video after seeing how much people are investing in scams.

In 2019 only in crypto scams people lost billions of dollars and that's really crazy !

The thing that they keep losing money again and again and some of them are still investing in things thinking that make them really rich. Even if we tell them that's a clear scam, they are like brainwashed, will prove you that you're wrong !

Check this article for example and you will see how much was lost in crypto scams in 2019 : Top cryptocurrency scams of 2019.

Instead of investing in already working blockchains like steem, they keep losing money with liars.

Recently I was reading about the telegram creator and how he promised everybody that his ico will be cool. He will even face judge very soon and they will ask him where that $1.7 billion is gone !

I also translated this article from Russian about the topic. Nobody knows where is $1.7 billion

That's crazy that hedge funds, musicians, actor, big investors invested in that. Will people always invest in something, just because it's famous like telegram. What if whatsapp also decide to create their own coin. lol

I don't really understand why people investing in non existing things like ICO's when we have blockchains working for years ! Look at steem for example and how many possibilities we have to earn with it without losing money.

I'm sure that we will have a lot of scams in 2020 and people will keep investing in them and losing money.

I hope those who are thinking about investing will think twice before they do so.

I shared my emotions about that in the video.

Enjoy watching.


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