The Takeover was Planned a Long Time Ago !

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In this video I talked about how the takeover of steem was planned a long time ago.

After seeing people in tweeted writing that poloniex is owned by Justin, I started to figure out things.

I still remember when about 2 years ago a lot of steemians couldn't withdraw from poloniex.

Since then we all started to warn people to not use poloniex to buy steem.

Then I heard something from people that steem gonna move to tron or something.

Then I've seen some dapps trying to add tron. This particular one I'm not sure about, I think there is tron accepted in some dapps. Tell me if you know about all the details.

Anyway, it's clear that they planned to takeover a long time ago. They learned about the community, they learned about the blockchain and still doing things that they really know, like manipulating the code and stuff, voting for witnesses etc ...

So, for sure they have insiders who are helping them in this takeover.

I feel like we are in a war with spies arround. lol

Anyway, I think we will stand to the end.

Here is what I said today to a guy who said that building an other chain is better :

If someone try takeover your town, it's normal to defend it and not to build an other.

Here is the full tweet :


I really hope that we will not have to create an other chain and our main and dear steem blockchain will survive all this.

Be strong ! Never give up !


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