URGENT ! $24 upvotes to give ! HELP ME ONBOARD UPTO 6 STEEMIANS !

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In this video talked about how you can get upto $4 upvote today from @threespeak !

So, the platform has an update and I can upvote comments today again !

So, this is what I will do guys :

  • First of all it's better to vote those who I can onboard. So, I will share everywhere I can the news about joining steem today and getting an upvote of $4 for those who will join.

  • Then in case I will not find those who joined today, I will take a look at those who joined recently and help them with that upvote if they comment me. ( In this case they can write about their first impressions after joining ).

  • Then I will take a look at those who will help me in these 3 hours I have to reach the goal.

In case you want to help, please resteem this post and share it in all social media you can with providing the proof in the comments. You can share the screenshot and the link.

You can promote in your social media, facebook, twitter and others. You can create about that a video in youtube or any other video hosting platform. You can share that in other social media like instagram, medium, or any other. You can share that in a forum. Just onboard someone to steem and I will reaward you and him at the same time.

*I don't promise to use all that $24 because I used $27 a few days ago, but I will do my best to reward as much people as I can.

Please notice that the goal is to onboard someone or to support a newcomer !

I have $24 and I will give $4 upvote for the newcomer. That means I can reward 6 steemians if you will help me find them. Or I will reward those who will prove that they shared the information everywhere they can.

You can start by retweeting this tweet ! ( I will add that here after creating the tweet )

In case anyone of your friends, or people from social media need an account, let me know about that as well. I can create an instant account with @dcooperation with the recourse credits we have !


You can follow me in all these social media and let me know in the comments, how can I find you to follow :

Facebook group , Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok , Medium

I'm promoting steem in all of them. Let's connect there and promote it together !

I'm also the founder of @dcooperation , the community where we collaborate. You're welcome to join us in our discrod server.

Here is the community in beta.steemit, you can subscribe and post in it : https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-177976

Check here what else I do to promote steem : The efforts I do to promote steem !

Subscribe to my 3speak channel !

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Okay sir, so I just joined steem recently. Well my first impression of steem is that I found I more like a social media site where you get to be yourself, unlike other social media sites where you get to be what people want you to be.

All in all, steem is awesome, it is something I would recommend it to my friends.

This is my tweet link:

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That's cool. I'll be sure to reward your comment, but please try to onboard someone. Anyone, from your family, a friend. I have 2 hours to give $4 upvote and you will have more chance if you onboard someone !

steemit far better than other media because it has unlimited advantages


Welcome to steem. Thanks for joining and sharing the tweet. I hope you will like it here. Enjoy your $4 welcoming reward. :)

big thanks dude 🤤

I have already invited to join some friends in my Telegram channel and two already joined. One of them @jtochi and most recently a big youtuber also joined from my invitation @abhiag. And @abhiag already invited lot of friends on his video recently posted on steemit. Now it's difficult to invite urgently new one. Again i share your post on my Telegram channel. Retweeted your tweet and resteemed the post

Let them comment me please. I will reward them. I have only half hour to do that. Try to contact them about that please.

@jtochi already commented . I sent message to @abhiag but maybe he is sleeping now. It's night in India.

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Well done. I will reward you for that. I have only 8 minutes now and I need to reward those who tried. I least one guy contacted me in twitter about this initiative and I'm creating for him an accout now.

I'm here and sorry for late buddy..

Really good initiative!
I hope so that someone earn that easy cash for onboarding Steemians!

I hope that as well. Even if you don't onboard, you can tell them to show their interest by commenting from other social media and let me know that you invited them. Try with your friends in social media, maybe someone will show his interest and join after. Only about 20 minutes left for me to vote.

I wish I could onboard a steemer in that time frame but where I come from it's late at night and every one is deep asleep.
Though I need someone to help me onboard this 3speak boat,
When i click on the creator studio the page loads for a while but it isn't displaying anything....
I might not be able to onboard a new steemer but I am ready to join the 3speak team since am an active steemit community member and a content creator who needs to reach new audiences, the wisemen said "better half a loaf than none."
Who is willing to help this minnow?

Like I said they had an update today. Maybe still not everything updated yet. Anyone can join 3speak and comment from facebook or google and let me know they your invited them. I'm sure you will find someone awake who will login to comment me and tell me that you invited him. Commenting works for anyone and even without steem account.

Thanks for the feedback, I will get back to you when I get some progress. Merry X-mas

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I will give you $1 or $2 for sure for your thoughtful comment, but if you will onboard someone I will give you $4. To you and to him/her. If they comment that he/she joined or if they will show interest from other social media.

I am trying to help some friends to register to steemit. But I do not know if I can do it so fast. Good luck to everybody :)

What's his name and how I can find him ? I can create for you an account very fast. Just send me his email and I will send him an instant invitation from @dcooperation. Let him also comment me from any account, like facebook or google or instagram or twitter and let me know that you're helping him to join.

Yep it takes some time for people to see the power of steem community’s.
Any way I’m doing my best to do the same as you my friend ;)

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Try to onboard anyone now and I will give $4 upvote. I have 2 hours for that. Anyone you want. A friend or family. I can even create an instant account with @dcooperation.

this is my link hopefully all my followers enter


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Thanks for sharing. I followed you in twitter. Sorry, my time to upvote is over. Try to not miss after month from now. We are given that once a month in @threespeak.

I'm a YouTuber and always share about legit and genuine airdrops, recently I have joined Steemit, it's really wonderful platform more than my expectation.

This is my retweet: https://twitter.com/Abhi00055444/status/1210883613195026432

You're welcome to steem. In @threespeak we have the opportunity to give such big upvotes once a month if we are among 30 top creators there. I will upvote again after a month from now. Sorry, that you missed this time. Try to not miss the next time. I will follow you here and in twitter. Thanks for sharing.

Hey clixmoney I want have steemit account. My friend atnazo onboard me on steemit!

Posted via @threespeak. This is a comment proxy account. The comment above was written by a 3Speak user that has no Steem account yet. To learn more about 3Speak visit our blog @threespeak and our website https://3speak.online. This comment was posted through 3Speak on behalf of: https://facebook.com/plik-13

Well done. Please comment me with your steem account when you'll be here. I will at least follow you and support you from @dcooperation. I will reward your friend for inviting you as well.

Reestem my friend!

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Thanks a lot.

Not too late to the party but I did onboard a steemian and hopeful in good time they'll get approved and start their journey here.

Yeah, you're late this time. See you after about a month. Try to not miss the party next time. lol