Central Bank of Russia is testing crypto ! - Is steem a stablecoin ?!

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In this video I shared the news about Russian central bank of Russia what leaded me talking about steem.

The main questions I have : ''Is steem a stable coin ? If it is, to what asset it's pagged ?''

So, I translated in the video this article about Central Bank of Russia testing cryptocurrency

I think that's a good news to all crypto world, because more and more countries are accepting it now.

Then I found in the article that they are testing stablecoins, what leaded me to read a bit about them, so I've found this article : The Complete Guide to Stablecoins

And there I liked this definition :

... a Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency pegged to another asset. Or, a global digital currency solely unrelated to a central entity. Stablecoins make for practical usage of cryptocurrencies by allowing for secure, convenient transactions without the high volatility traditional cryptocurrencies hold.

So, a stablecoin is pagged to an asset and I would like to know to what asset is pegged steem in case it's a stablecoin.

I've found that about steem here : A brief history of Stablecoins

I'm not sure if that's true and if steem is a stablecoin or not, but I would like to ask the community this way.

I'm just sharing what I've found in the web and I would like to know your opinion. It's not my cointent and I want to know if that right or wrong. Please let me know.

For more details, check the video !

Enjoy watching.


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