Crypto Finally Updates - Exposing steem to over 2 million followers in twitter !

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In this video I interviewed @cryptofinally for the second time and introduced her @threespeak.

She shared the most actual updates from her crypto life.

She is an awesome crypto evangelist.

She's mostly active in bitcoin community, but recently she is entering the alt community as well.

She is creating music videos like this :

She is visiting a lot of crypto conferences and meeting great leaders.

She even Vitalik Buterin ''over 880.4K Followers'', the creator of Ethereum and in the interview she talked about the story how she met him.


She met as well :






They are just the top of the isberg, in fact she met even more crypto guys.

She is having herself now over 17.3K Followers in twitter and she is growing fast.

Follow her in twitter here :

Subscribe to her youtube channel :

Welcome her to @threespeak , if you want her to be active here, you can also tweet her about that, so she will be more excited to join.

Or you can retweet this as well :

Let the world knows about steem.

You can say that I just exposed steem to over 2 million followers because I will tag some of those people in twitter.

I hope my plan will work. lol

Enjoy watching. ☺


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Great to see her posting on STEEM again but we need to get her posts some more exposure. @cryptofinally is one of the biggest names in crypto social media so having her on sTEEM is huge. Always fun and always interesting it's no wonder she is gaining so much exposure and is one of the leading voices on twitter for the regular folk.

Yeah, I'm glad we are having her onboard.

It will be Awesome really if we continue spreading word about Steem to every part of the World.

Of course, that's what I'm always doing.

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