We are teaching Sun a lesson ! - ♪ Original Song ♪ !

in Threespeak - OLDlast year (edited)


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Today I decided to write a song after all the time wasted to fight Justin Sun takeover of steem !

Here is the song :

  • We are teaching Sun a lesson (2)
  • We are teaching Justin Sun.
  • We teached him what's real steem (2)
  • We teached him that's not steemit.
  • So steem is not steemit.
  • We don't want him to centralize us (2)
  • We will fight the takeover !
  • And after each hit we will recover (2)
  • We are showing him the power (2)
  • of the community of steem.
  • We are teaching Sun a lesson (2)
  • We are teaching Justin Sun.

I sang the song in the video with emotions. I think we will like it guys.

Sometimes we can express ourself in different form and singing is one of them.

We have so many talented steemians, I think it will be good if we use our talent to spread awareness !

Enjoy watching the video !

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This was very funny, laughed my ass off 😂😂 thanks for sharing!


haha , yeah. I'm glad you like it. ☺