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I'm really excited to participate in the initiative of @stephenkendal and that's #ilovesteem to promote steem in all social media.

I see a lot of steemians participated in it and even a video created and that's really awesome.

I was always happy to see in steem people from so many countries and that's why I created @dcooperation to make more steemians collaborate.

I see in #ilovesteem an other opportunity to promote steem and that's why I'm running #steemianfrom .

I think it will be great to create such campaign completely funded by the community.

I will send 10 steem to @steemitbaby the account of my wife to start this.

Because I'm powering up all the earning from @clixmoney and @dcooperation, the account of the community I'm building.

We can gather the amount that we can and distribute it between steemians who will take pictures with a paper where they draw or write ''Steemian from ...''

You can draw that yourself, or just add a picture that you can make it yourself with : https://cooltext.com

I hope we will get enough steem for that and in case not, we can do it for fun. ☺

I may donate more than 10 steem for that. I love steem and I will be happy to donate as much I can for this.

I hope you will support me and help me to promote this, so any resteem is welcome.

Maybe @theycallmedan or @streetstyle who is running #spud will help us. I will tell all the community @dcooperation about that and I hope anyone seeing this from my followers will help me to promote this.

Maybe we will work with @stephenkendal together. I really love what you're doing. ☺

You can use my picture in your video.

Here is it :

I will share it as well in all social media I can with the tag #ilovesteem

I will also choose a few pictures from #steemianfrom , create a video on @dcooperation and upvote all who participated.

All the donations can be sent to @steemitbaby

As always, I'm excited about and I love steem. ☺

Let's make steem popular in all around the world. That's really possible.

Welcome to DCooperation community

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hola! Yo había visto hoy una imagen en Twitter con el mensaje, que bueno que se este haciendo más publicidad de Steem, realmente lo necesita para que las personas conozcan esta grandiosa plataforma.

Hello! I had seen an image on Twitter today with the message, so good that more Steem is being advertised, it really needs it so that people know this great platform.

Yeah, if more steemians will participate in this, it will be really good.

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Thanks. ☺

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That's cool. You can also participate in ''Steemian from ...'' add your country there and you will be from the first ones who will get donations when we gather enough steem for that. Let's see what the community will respond to this.

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You're welcome. ☺