Selling votes and leasing power !

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In this video I talked about selling upvotes and leasing steem power.

I talked as well about the upvote bots and steemians who still using them.

I'm surprised to see some well known steemians doing that in #newsteem !

Watch the video to know what I think and share your opinion please.

If you consider me wrong, tell me why.

I care about steem and I always share my opinion about what's I think healthy for it.

Enjoy watching.

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Thank you @clixmoney, you shared your opinion well of what you think so concerning botting. I am also side with you on this issue about buying of votes. But I think it is their own aspiration of what they consider to be right, they think that buying of votes would yield them enough steem power thank concentrating on the real curation of content. Whatever be the case, the system would justify this at long round. Stay blessed and thanks for this video!

the system would justify this at long round

You're right about this. Just like we are almost done with upvotes bots, we will be done with selling votes and leasing power in the future. Anything that's not healthy for the blockchain should be stopped.

It is very wrong. But the might consider it right. Besides that's why the system is termed decentralized

Yeah, of course they are free to do with their money what they want, but we should all think about the long term growth of our blockchain. We will see more and more people joining and they will all need support.

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Thanks a lot. ☺

Welcome✌ Thank you for video.

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After the hard fork, most of the bots have gone either manual or stopped their operations and I think this is the best thing happened in steem. In trending page, only deserving content should be there and if its not worth that then I see many big downvotes by whales. Selling vote is affecting our blockchain badly and should be stopped and if anyone has unused sp then they have an option to delegate and earn liquid steem through accounts like ocdb and upmewhale etc.
I think it may take some time but situation will improve and team will surely take action to stop such activities. Thanks for the nice topic.

They still sell those vote and upvote bots are still working. They dowvote only those who over use them. You can still buy votes from tipu or smartsteem and I think even other accounts that were bots before, I don't know how people are buying from them, but they do. About steem power, I meant that we shouldn't delegate it for rewards, it's the same like leasing ( selling power ). It's better to keep it and to support more creators in steem including newcomers. If we think only about to earn money we will distroy steem, we need to care about creators more ! About all the platform and its future !