Tips from a professional youtuber !

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In this video I shared the part of the interview with @vesislava where she shared great tips from her long experience creating content on youtube.

She's a professional musician and youtuber.

In thisvideo she shared really importants things for those who want to build their career in content creation.

I also added her music to the interview and you will for sure enjoy listening to her and her music at the same time.

Follow @vesislava and enjoy her music.

Subscribe on her youtube channel :

She has almost 60 K subscribers on youtube !

You can find her as well in :


Enjoy watching.


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Very helpful article for beginners on YouTube. Thanks for sharing @clixmoney.

Thanks, but all the helpful things are in the video, not in the post. I hope you will watch the video.

Enjoyed the music of @vesislava and thanks for the tips @clixmoney

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You're welcome.