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RE: Future of 3Speak's Upvoting Habits!

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Hello dear @threespeak
As far as I understand, all users try to give their best. Shortcomings occur in everyone. Therefore, it becomes difficult to determine what should be the standard for quality content.
Getting comments is easy for a popular user. At the same time, it is very difficult for a new user to get a comment. Because most people visit them on posts with which they are familiar or you can say that people do not like to watch videos of new users. Do not even watch videos to comment. Most comments are made by looking at the text and title. Therefore, it should also be noted that the comments that are made should be made by watching the video so that all users, big and small, get the same opportunity. If some new users are doing something good, then that too can be seen by the people. If we do like this definitely we are encouraging new users to do good.
I think this is really good initial...



We will not stop supporting talented and creative folks on their initial days. Seperate VP is allocated which will continue to reward creators doing amazing job with the videos across multiple categories. Please understand that this is just an experiment to bring a little change in our strategy that could possibly attract outside viewership on 3Speak. In future, we will also provide an option to monetize videos through advertisements. Idea is to provide multiple ways for monetization, so that the threespeak vote will not be the only/main source of income.