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Love your drawings and especially the timelapse videos :)

Spring's really here, from the feel of today's weather

This sounds so weird up here when the days are getting shorter for us, but I guess that's also a looking glass thing in a way, isn't it?

(free downvotes) your opinions on the matter

I still think they're wrong and create nothing but negativity. Nothing good will come of it. Already I've seen the term "quality control" bandied about. Problem is, who's to say what's quality and what isn't, especially in art? Is the wildlife photographer who is patiently waiting hours or days for that certain shot not entitled to a good reward? Because it's "only" one single picture of a spider or a squirrel and therefore a "low quality post"?


Yep! Opposite worlds, with our seasons and our timezones XD Really weird, but kinda fun too :)

Hmm, yeah, that is always a problem, who decides what? But maybe ideally, it's not just a GANG of downvoters, more like each account acts like a member of the village? I think downvotes are scary, too, of course, but we live in a decentralized, free market system, so maybe I should start thinking of them as attacks. They are just opinions of some other users of the community who thinks certain posts are over-rewarded? Of course the trouble is when there are people that band together to bully others.... > __ < Aaah, things are so complicated~

Thank you for taking the time to pitch in with your inputs, @caro-art :) I appreciate it. I think you made good points <3

I have to object to one point of yours: You think it's a "free market system" but it's not when a downvote doesn't affect the voting mana like an upvote does, i.e. when it's "free". When the person downvoting has to "put their money where their mouth is," it's an individual opinion and O.K.. When it becomes a system policy supported by a special free downvote pool it's fascist crap. Today it's the bot votes. Tomorrow it's political leanings.

Aaah, things are so complicated

Yes, indeed. I have griped about it so much already, I'm very tired of it. Let's talk art instead :) Congratulations on having caught some serious upvote love with this post. You deserve every penny of it, and then some!

I thought it an ingenious move of yours to go to 3Speak with those timelapses. Are they open to anyone now or is it still hand-picked?

i dont know much about 3Speak, to be honest! That's why I'm trying it out :)

I think anyone can subscribe to 3Speak, though. It isn't free, however! There is a 20-ish Steems monthly subscription fee~

Thank you again for elaborating on yours points :) I agree, that tis probably much better to just focus on arting XD

20-ish Steems monthly

I see. I'm paying Vimeo now, or rather, my hubby is. It affords us a 1080p custom embedded player without taking the traffic away from Steem to a mostly political context. I guess I'll stick with that.

If you want to try Vimeo, I believe up to 500 MB a week are free. I don't think your short timelapses will reach that limit.

Have a wonderful spring evening :)