Interview With Carolina Hemp Company

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@jonyoudyer sat down and chatted with Thomas from @carolinahempcompany. If you haven't checked out this amazing company, please visit their web page

With so many CBD company's popping up left and right, it is enough to make your head spin. Not to mention all the shady company's jumping in trying to capitalize off this amazing medicine. Well the good folks over at Carolina Hemp are doing things right, and big. It is amazing to see breeders and growers from all over the USA bringing back CBD into the genetic pool of cannabis, with strains like Hawaiian Haze, Cherry Wine, and more! Give their Steem blog a follow, and stay tuned for more wonderful things from this amazing company.


Special thanks to "The Dude", @mondoshawan from @greenhouseradio for providing the recording service

▶️ 3Speak


I got a bunch of upvotes from 3Speak back in the day, it's good. Just be careful you don't say anything remotely critical (even trying to help them improve), and NEVER say anything negative about Zionism. If you stick to those rules, you'll continue to get upvotes, but only for the first few videos and then it trails off once they know you're hooked up with their platform.
Better free platforms are now available, including LBRY. I'm currently the only cannabis content-creator there! It doesn't require Steem, so people all over the world can watch, comment, send crypto tips, etc. And there's no monthly fee, which is always nice too. :)

Oh cool, I think @skylinebuds is over there too. I do have to say the 3speak platform is pretty nice. Great to see so many options here on Steem. With so much cool things happening, it makes you wonder why dont the price of Steem reflect it. Oh well, as the saying goes, Keep On Steeming. Thanks for the tip.

Yeah, I guess the insiders are still dumping their massive stake from day 1? Hopefully they run out soon, and the price can recover.
I'll have to look for skylinebuds on LBRY. So far I can't find anyone else posting under 'cannabis' except somebody pretending to be Rick Simpson (the old Canadian guy who popularized RSO and is now in exile for helping people cure cancer).

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Damn Carolina hemp co leading the way. Great to hear the good work you guys are doing for the cannabis community. Keep up the awesome initiatives guys!

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