Farm to Table Thanksgiving

in Threespeak - OLDlast year (edited)

Here is a little video of Thanksgiving at Hostel Del Lago.
DL would like to take a second and say Thank You to all the beautiful people of San Marcos, all the expats, all the visitors, everyone and anyone who has joined us on this Journey we call Del Lago!🥰😍
Del Lago has never been perfect, in fact we thrive in our imperfection...somewhere in between the fuck up and the figure out. We do our best to pretend like we know what we are doing. Thank you for your Patience, we promise your fries will be done soon. Thank you for your Resilience, that weird step is almost flattened out. Thank you for your ‘constructive criticisms’ we really do listen most the time😜 Thank you for consistently supporting our consitently inconsistent but persistent family run bussiness.
Yesterday’s Thanksgiving was another one of our experiments, a collaboration of Farms and friends. It was a fusion of Colombia, meets katchiquel, meets USA feast, meets San Marcos hippydom. A huge shout out to Finca Tz’ikin and thank you to their crew who worked there butts off with love and effort.
Thanks to all who came and shared, may you all feel our deep appreciation. It’s a cooky magic experience sharing life and community here in quirky SM.
We send Love, love and a bit more LUV ❤️

I added a little blip after the video. It’s for the sake of honesty and getting a bit of frustration out...about being, working, and complaining in the service industry.

▶️ 3Speak


Really cool, felt like I was there with you. The homemade peanut butter was cool. The sky was so blue, looks amazing over there. Thanks for the share.

Yeah, the peanut butter bike was fun... really is pretty sweet spot up in that tzununa valley, there is a great waterfall another 30 minutes up. You aren’t so far away, visit whenever, I’m always happy to show a fellow steemian around😎

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That looks amazing and we can't wait to see it in person. I didn't catch the blip but I believe you when you say it's there.

You still thinking to visit in April?
Would be really cool!
Hmmm, I thought the blip played if you just kept watching after video. It’s fine just me whining about one person whining🤣

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Yeah, we are pushing for April but my tooth came out today so hopefully I can get an implant there. If you get a chance shoot me some contact info for dental surgeons in the area. We were actually talking about your place on our twitch stream today but the audio was shit so we are going to redo it tomorrow.

I got the 3speak to work and the blip was there. Just not on youtube

I would cycle for peanutbutter ;p
Just too cool :D

Hell yeah, burning the calories while churning the future calories😂

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Looks like a good Thanksgiving. Good video, subscribed.

Thanks dude.. yeah it was!

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Such a nice experience that was to see and live through wow

Looks awesome, what a way to make peanut butter.... but wow... what a fucking bitch!