in Threespeak - OLDlast year (edited)

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It took me a bit to get this out. Better late than never🤣

Thanks @fitinfun for posting this list of steemfest attendees.
If anyone was at the poker night, This is a little mash up of the night.
You who made it to the money bubble. I say congrats! one breath... and in the next Steemfest..... I’m coming back for my money!
Music in this video is by
Ghost Face Killah
Kenny Rogers
Lady Gaga
Frank Sinatra

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Sweet! Thanks for recording this, was a great time, the effects are badass. You played well. Cheers

Not well enough to win🤪... but yeah... fun for sure

Let me guess - dan the man won? 😏

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Why wasn't I invited to this?! ;p Sorry I missed it :(

Maybe somebody knew you were good and didn’t send the invite😅

Next year I make sure you are informed ;)

Damn, I missed this! Looks like it was a blast.

Yeah.. was nice little game

Looks like a good time had by all!

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Yes... all that won had the best ol’ time🤣

Lol 😂 well made video! How did u made those effects ?)

360% trickery😉.

so cool!

dude, you got your camera back, or this video you downloaded before the incident?

hahaha I am never good at poker but it's really cool that you guys had fun and you had this footage saved!

Well we always welcome people that aren’t good at poker to play 😆. And yeah... was a sweet night... glad i uploaded that bit before the MIA mishap

Yes! That was really a bummer!

@buttcoins, I watched and listened to your Poetry/Rap on SteemFest Livestream and i have to say that Artists like you make the big difference because you have the passion to express how you feel and why you feel. Stay blessed brother.

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Very nice of you to say m8. I’m glad you felt my words.

In my opinion whoever watched it, everyone felt it. Enjoy your time ahead.

Excellent working

Thank you kindle


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Tis indeed

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How many steem had been in the Winning pot?

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250 steem buy in... i think there was 18 in tourney

This is the craziest sh1t I've ever seen on Steem hahaha.

Where's the violence? Nobody's shooting anyone, nobody's punching anyone.. I thought that was part of the game :)

That happened behind the scenes ;) - > next video haha

Hahahaha. To be fair you did look like you were about to hit someone 👀

Best wishes

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Awesome video! Thanks for putting it up!! Love it :)