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After Steemfest 4 in Bangkok many of us headed to KOH Chang island. It was nice to relax and to have more time meeting and getting to know one another while lounging around on a beach.
This little vid is of a few of us heading to the far side of the island on our last full day on Koh Chang island.
Come along for the ride with @louis88 @celestal @jeffjagoe and myself as we discover The Journeys End.
Thanks @fitinfun for posting this list of steemfest attendees.
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Don't F.O.M.O us all who didn't go.... 😛

Sorry... still got 1 more FOMO vid to come..... but tears in beers solves all those shoulda woulda coulda moments that life throws at us.🤪😂

Nuuu! I am conserving my throat for the Christmas production... I am quarantined from cold drinks and beer.... 😅


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Agreed with that real conver with less people. The other side of the island looks real chill! I'm thinking of Guatemala in the next few weeks and hope you're around at the time! :D

Woh!!! For reals... you coming here?
Yeah... I’m around! When you coming?
And yeah... the other side of the island was sweet!

If things go right as planed, a bit after new year :)))

Oh sweet.... ill have the red carpet cleaned!!

Brings back good memories, nicely done video!
Koh Chang Gang was amazing to hang out with and get to know closer :)

Thanks M8. Yeah, i miss the wind in my hair and lounging around by the ocean!! Hope you are well and adjusting to being home.😎

@buttcoins. I have the GoPro hero 5 black. The F’ing took a crap on me dude. I get the red flashing light syndrome when I try to power it up. It did it to me about a month ago when I updated it but miraculously fixed itself. Then it just recently did it again and I’m getting the error exclamation point and flashing red lights in error mode.

I’ve gone through all of the forum talk, I’ve tried everything from repowering.. battery in and out.. SD in and out, nothing works and the thing is inoperable.

Everything I’ve read online seems to suggest only the hero 5 black is experiencing the issue. People have had to return their GoPro to the retailer. I’m in Italy without access to a retailer and won’t be back in the UK (where there’s retailers) for another month. Just wondering if you’ve experienced the same issue and have a magic fix.

Thank you in advance.

I actually have the GoPro 5 black too. Mine still works fine. Though i recently invested in the gopro max 360% so haven’t been using the 5 as much.
Unfortunately i dont really know. My suggestion would be to try a to leave it charging for extra long. Then give it a day. Charge it again for a day. Then after all that try to turn it on. But not before.
A few years ago i had an issue with my cell phone. Someone told me to try the 24hr plugged in. 24 hrs. Unplugged. And 24 hrs plugged again. then try turning on.
It actually worked with my cell. And then afterwords i just always made sure i got no where near draining the battery.
I guess if its not working anyway. Worth a Hail Mary.
If you have thought of investing in something new.... i have been having a blast playing with the Max.

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks @buttcoins. What a pain dude! I totally need the frikkin thing right now and it’s down. I’ll try that, though. The last thing I did was either remove the SD card while it was on or remove the battery while it was one. I don’t even remember which now since I’ve done both a ton of times in the past and now it’s down.

As soon as I insert the battery—lights and the exclamation point. I even tried the ol’ light drop on the floor trick—nada! 😉

24 hour charge, coming up! Have a great week man, thanks for getting back to me.

Ho Bro, this cool video is just a SteemFest Blues raiser! Not booking a longer stay in Thailand was my worst mistake ever 😢

Next time, I will book a full year for the SteemFest after-party. Be prepared!


Thanks for popping in @arcange ... yeah, would have been wild to keep hanging

BTW, what's the music you used for your clip?

Hey @arcange ... whoops i missed crediting. I now edited into the post above.
The song is called Glue... by a group called Bicep.

Thank you for the info.

I wish we'd been there, but as you were chilling on the island, we sure did have a good time in Bangkok too so I guess I can't complain too much.

It was nice meeting you and other Steemians, and I am already wondering where the next one will be held, and if I can manage to join again.


Hell ya... was great to meet ya.... and for sure curious about next years location.... gonna be tough to beat the weather and food of bkk!! Be well friend!

Gr8 vid dude!

I've gotta admit that I'm feeling the fomo with this one ;-)

It's more a posthumous fear of missing out on tropical sunsets than anything else. Looks like ya had a blast. Cool that there was a crew of steemian travelers together :-)

Next year hopefully it will be somewhere equally as tropical reef/beach temple blessed and I will make it!

im looking forward to see you next year man! SF 4 was such a blast!

Sure was a good break.... and yeah you know exactly all about that salty warm air and banana leaf sunsets.
Yeah i heard it was going to be in Bath UK. next year. Govt housing tropics!🤣