in Threespeak - OLDlast year (edited)

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Here is the last night out for many of us at the Steemfest 4 after chill on KOH CHANG ISLAND... beach parties till the sun comes up. @lizanomadsoul played Picasso and tagged everyone’s faces with the Steem Logo....🤣 A sweet night of debauchery!
TOO MUCH FUN! Buckets and Buckets of Fun😉
The music in this video is called... Bass Head by Bassnector

Thanks @fitinfun for posting this list of steemfest attendees.
This is my last video from steemfest 4 😭.... so no more giant tag lists.
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haha :D Thanks for the memory! I love that the Steemit logo was tagged everywhere. Almost the whole club had the symbol somewhere on their body !

Yeah man!!! If all steemians were tagging faces like that... steem would blow up quick!!!

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Epic times and awesome footage. Haven’t raged bassnectar in a long time. The big-headed nitrous balloon edit was hilarious!

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I’m embarrassed to admit how much time i spent making that balloon edit look right in time with the music and inhaling🤪

Sick parteeeyyy man! I wish i was there with you guys!

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Wish you were to my man!!

Awesome video footage! I've only just gone through all of mine and realized there are lots of feet hehe. But will do some editing soon and post mine too. Great stuff @buttcoins! Less than 11 months till the next!

Everybody love a good feet video!!😉😍

This was an epic night and some fine footage!

From start to finish ;p

Yeah.... there was a point that i was going to try to tease a story out of it with all the dialog i caught.... but in the end i figured just a mostly music vid catching the feeling of the crazy night out

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hahahah! What an awesome face paint you guys have.
To bad I wasn't there.