Maxine Waters ask Zuckerberg about the Facebook Crypto Advertising Ban in 2018.

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Maxine Waters asks Mark Zuckerberg about banning cyrptocurrency advertising in 2018.

It might be a coincidence or it might not be... but I did write to that committee and specifically point out the language in the advertising ban that Facebook used as we have pointed out in our #CryptoClassAction with @jpbliberty.

He didn't answer because she conflated this question with one about fact checking political adverts and that took up all his answer time.

Taken from this c-span livestream, still ongoing as I post this.

And here’s my plug for the #CryptoClassAction where we’re suing Google, Facebook and Twitter for the good of the Cryptocosm. You can read a good explanation here on my blog.

You can join up direct on this form from JPBLiberty.

More details in this post

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The ban on cryptocurrency, this is not far-sighted. Thank you for sharing.

I believe that elites told them that he have to ban it otherwise ZuckerMafia will be in trouble ;)

watched and rewatched this clip just to see this smirk fade slowly from view as Maxine Waters tells MZ that he has "opened up a serious discussion about whether FB should be broken up."

I love Congresswoman Maxine Waters.
She asked FB, Zuckerberg, if he fact-checked.
He answered, yes.
She paused and then asked him to tell her what FB fact-checked.
He said, thank you for letting me clarify. FB does not fact-check.
Believe this referenced political ads.

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@brianoflondon, In my opinion Facebook banned Cryptocurrency Ads because they were planning their own Cryptocurrency and they wanted to dominate this space with their own Token. Stay blessed.

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That's possible and I hope our court case can find out, but even if it was completely unconnected, they still broke the law in Australia!

Good wishes from my side and have a pleasant time ahead.

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Why is even LOW ABILITY AND LOW IQ Maxine against the FaceBook CRYPTO Token?

  • Has she already learned about bank collapses from her husband?
  • Does she know FaceBook might demand a hefty bailout too similar to one President Obama gave it to the Big Banking Institutions 10 years ago?

The real Question
Why trust FB when they already had proven they are not an company with core ethics at all and will exploit our personal information to the highest bidder in the room.

World famous and smart founder mark zucker berg

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thx for sharing.

She did hit him big time I won't lie and well Zuckerberg and his associates might have Felt it would be easy for Libra to just slip into the cryptosphere and everybody would be all kumbaya because he had the user base, I suggest he starts singing the praises of bitcoin and the other altcoin if not. Well seems they've got him