Steemit not allowing sign ups since Justin Sun Hostile Takeover

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I signed up via the Steemit interface for a new account just to test the procedure a few days after the Tron @justinsunsteemit deal but before the forking and the Sybil attack and #SteemHostileTakeOver

The system is no longer working and any attempt to create a free account via fails because it won't let you pick a username.

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Yup. @justinsunsteemit / @steemit would you like to comment on this ? Any ETA on when this will be fixed ?
This must be one of those "Steemit User Experience Improvements" you mentioned in your open letter that will help us onboard a bajillion users, right ?

Some more realistic steem account registration options (for now):

Whatever method you choose be sure to NEVER LOSE YOUR KEYS and to learn about the account recovery system in case you ever get hacked/phished and your keys are changed on you.

Right now, way too many accounts have their recovery partner set to steem which can no longer be trusted and is also currently non-responsive to account recovery requests. The damage from that alone is already massive.

How to change recovery account with

I think is good as well. I use it to onboard people.

You need to write a new post - how to change the recovery account - in simple language and take screenshots - many people do not understand and are afraid to change.

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Sucks that Steemit now hostile this way.

Anyway if anyone need an account i will send you an invite Token for Free.( Same for people on Twitter).

If you post on Twitter and want to onboard Users with this attention wave,feel free to ask.

if they cant fix the price ticker, they probably cannot fix the new account registration either.

What recovery account should we use?

Found this by @themarkymark back in 2018 - This still accurate?

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It is still accurate, but there are easier ways to do this now. Steemworld guide

Lol why would you want to let more people join the army against you? At least we as the community can still issue out accounts!

LOL !! you are very smart my brother

If anyone desperately needs an account created, use account creation tokens and generate keys. Almost anyone can if you've been claiming account creation tokens with your powered up steem since that feature was added to our blockchain quite some time ago.

Fair to say that steemit and are the main onboarding tools, but there's so many other ways to generate an account.

is that an API issue? because the follow_api/condenser_api get_feed function is also not currently working and most steem frontends are suffering from it. not sure what work around esteem and steempeak used which have a functioning feed.

I think they use @anyx's API. Luckily we don't rely completely on Steemit anymore.

i am not getting the feed function to work on any steem API :/ try your self in terminal with the command

curl -s --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"follow_api.get_feed", "params":["maxsieg",1,10], "id":1}'

curl -s --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"condenser_api.get_feed", "params":["maxsieg",1,10], "id":1}'

while it works well for the get_blog function

curl -s --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"condenser_api.get_blog", "params":["maxsieg",0,1], "id":1}'

Sorry, I know barely more about this than @justinsunsteemit. Try asking an app developer or witness.

I just looked at the proposals, and it looks like @steempeak partly uses their own infrastructure.

This is disgraceful.

I propose someone make a post with alternative sign up points and tags steem. The benfits can be going dao or whatever to encourage steem developmens.

And we can help to ensure it stays on top of trending.

New users don't need to be involved in this drama.

Four steps that you can take to help the Steem Community defeat this attempted hostile takeover:

Make a Steem account here:

Login here:

Power Up some STEEM here:

Vote for Community Backed Witnesses!

damn they're killing the platform. The communities were encouraging people to join us but what did they do? How about the other dapp in signing up? Is it available?


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maybe we can work to create an account creation service that is noob friendly. We should just probably bypass anything that steemit has created.
This is probably the first priority.
If everyone stops using all the Steemit front ends, then it will have zero value. it could take some time but it probably should be done.

Steem was hacked by malicious hackers that froze my legally purchased STEEM token that i paid with my own hard earned money. They probably forked the onboarding out of the blockchain. Hey @royliusteem. Remind me to tweet some nonsense about this in a couple of hours.