EXCLUSIVE Telegram Sources - Company Facing AML Investigation

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EXCLUSIVE: Telegram claims U.S. Treasury probing company for money laundering ahead of TON launch, sources say. #AML

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Here comes your 4th subscriber
Watching your 6 minutes video all the way from Kenya 🇰🇪
Cryptonomics is sharing some important gems 💎 on this platform and i wish all steemers could engage with this post
Am not so active on telegram except on crypto bots but this allegations will really affect telegram both negatively and positively.
Hope all turns well for them and they create their own coin to help enable crypto adoption

Lets see how this will turn out for telegram. Textbook professional journalism there, beautiful show, everything depicts a particular quality, you're really welcome to threespeak @blocktvnews, awesome reportarge and analysis on that telegram developments. Crytoeconomics at it's finest. Welcome again.

Dear @blocktvnews
Brother you have nailed it again. Big money always relies on the little people being greedy stupid.
Great video! I really appreciate your honest and constructive opinion on that!
More people should be listening to this. Too many seem to be thinking (or dreaming) that putting hard earned money into ICO's and cryptocurrency are going to make them be super rich super fast.

Welcome to steem boyz, hope you'll enjoy being around :D

Isn't Telegram an already established company and brand used by a growing user base? Could a cryptocurrency not be utilized in an exponential way?

Hwy @blocktvnews, a great report, welcome to 3speak! hope you have a great experience here, and are able to monetise your content without fear of censorshio!

Welcome to 3Speak BLOCKTVnews! Happy to have you here. :)

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