Marry Your Rapist Bill Introduced in Turkey 😳

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A law which would allow men accused of having sex with girls who are under 18 to avoid
punishment if they marry their victims is set to be introduced to parliament in Turkey. The
controversial so-called “marry-your-rapist” bill, which lawmakers are planning to introduce to Turkish parliament at the end of January, has sparked fury among women’s rights campaigners in the country. A similar bill was defeated in Turkey in 2016 after national and global outrage. The legislation would have only pardoned men if they had sex without “force or threat”.

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Source: ‘Marry-your-rapist’ bill to be introduced by lawmakers in Turkey
Location: Turkey

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I could not have made this shit up if I tried. Religious conservatives are always one step ahead in perversion ...

In Venezuela there was a time when it was "normal" that young couples who were dating against their parents' consent would elope. There would be threats to the man and his relatives, there would be a man-hunt and then there would be a wedding. The wedding served more as a punishment to the man with which it was expected the offense to be ameliorated, than as a way to legalize the union/affair.
The young couple would be later separated and after some time they would find a way to be back together and the offended parents would eventually welcome the girl and her children.
I do not have enough information about this Turkey law to judge the convenience or logic of it, but if it applies only in cases where the sex was consensual, only the girl happens to be underage, then I guess it is not very different from legislation other countries have.
It is a fact that many men who have consensual sex with girls underage get the same rapist treatment than men who in fact raped (had violent and non-consesual sex with) their victims. I think that that would be unfair.
In any case, it would be good if we could get inputs from steemians form Turkey, both men and women, to see what the whole matter is all about and if it deserves global rejection.

I'm speechless. Tbh

This is disgusting. How is it possible these days?

Another case where men get preferential treatment. Oppressive regimes will use religion as a form of control and we know religions are often misogynistic. It should be about equal rights as you say and rapists should not have a 'get out of jail free card'.

This is crazy stuff.

It's like, "Oh she said no? Better take her down and force yourself on her so she'll be yours".

I can't even...

This is a rather ridiculous bill in my opinion, the truth is that this would further promote rape since the punishment would only be to marry whoever commits the crime, it would make things like premeditated rape really rampant and the truth is that the bill is baseless and having no effect for good at all