Splinters, Paradigm Change & The Unexpected Changes Steemit Brought to My Life

in hive-100421 •  3 months ago  (edited)
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Marike, that was beautiful!
You come across as such a strong, independent woman that I never really thought that you could feel isolated, despite the fact that you surely must at times. We rarely know what is going on with people inside, which is all the more reason to be kind to people, as @mattclarke just recently said when we were discussing a wonderful community member who is struggling at the moment.

Aaaawww.... thank you!! It's my first "talking head" and I'm learning to do video and it was HARD. LOL. But I'm passionate about steem and what I do. Living out here on a twig sometimes feels like the end of the world, particularly with no family and working against the system. Yes, YOU and many others like you are serious encouragers and super important to me. Thanks for being such a great steem-team-player and doing an awesome job for @homesteaderscoop x

Lovely to hear you speaking and hear how being connected here on Steem has empowered you and how it brings us together making way for the new paradigm!
I felt listening to you allowed me to get to know you better too! You have been an inspiration and you have added so much to the Steem communities! Thank-you for all you do!

It's true that the voice and the way we speak carries energy and enables a different level of knowing. LOL.... Your turn next @porters. :)

Bless you for spreading awareness about how conscious our hive minds are evolving, because steemians share value that goes beyond subjective exchange that live stock economies tend to exhibit or what you meant as brainless mass pop followed by groupthink sheep herds, visible in the main stream. We all must realise that these shared values combined become much stronger and that proof of brain gives us the power to relate closer. The values we share then become more than just means to an end, but result into common goals achieved by communities. In the awakening of a new world with liberty, we evolved into a very sophisticated decentralised DLT Network for timestamps and publications as well as data ownership, but The first of it's kind experiment in human economic history. We are Steemians! We are all here because of those steemians that believed, broke in the cold, invested their life savings, staked into freedom, liberty, justice, free speech and for us to enter a web 3.0 that has freedom of values for all. Steemian's!?! Worked and achieved so much, that we must give reverence to all the witnesses, and investors, developers that believe in a better future for humanity and steemians creating value and making distributed revenues for their communities. Specially to the kind actors, environmentalists and fellow earthlings. To all who believe in liberty and the awakening to a new age of spiritual consciousness.

Creativity in it's transcendence is found in each of our human senses whilst engaging with the universe. It's not to see and do what everyone else does, but to understand, rethink, reshape, discover act and create. Open space to all branches for vascular growth. The digital augmented revolution and automation will only have people spend more time on their devices. If China has facial recognition, and when Neuralink runs on EOS, then I go to a the wudang of shaolin temple to practice telekinesis. Neuralinked people will feel EMP's and receive data from my QI as if I was a quantum computer with superposition. I see and I experience Steem gatherings where I meet steemians. Connect on discord, meet them in their city. A lot of us are very resourceful Networkers. I came from an Event done by steemian's from #sma celebrating #onelife as I write this. Active gatherings in economies such as #lotus that promotes Holistic health #naturalmedicine and #ecotrain are all characteristic an altruistically driven economy. The previous paradigm where everyone follows their own selfish interest will not prevail and is being replaced. This revolution was inevitable. The fractional reserve banking system based on Keynesian frame works from back at Brettonwoods are history. There is a parallel economy! Decentralised Autonomous Organisations that govern each other by peer to peer value exchange eliminating middle men, will have very smart token economics to sustain their resources, increase them by making revenue and grow the networks through scaling with Nodes. What I am trying to explain is how this just only works in real life. Like eco-villages are started by buying land and making these communities. If a restaurant offers to buy a coffee for steem, we should put it on a map. Have it easier to circulate. PLaces for digital nomads, yoga lovers, lovers of good vegan cuisine, it's is one of the most contemporary Idea/Ideaology in my friends circle. The manifestation is visible in my life, Portugal, India, vertical farming, dynamic natural habitats, beneficial habitat planting, agroforestry. aqua farming algae etc... A land is being bought close to a forest , where the village with be build in the trees with dynamic agroforestry and floating tents. projects such as www.oikos.co.in and other organisations in #india.. Do connect with me on discord Shinobi#0298

You said it! And so it is. Loving to hear of other projects morphing into reality in this plane of existence - off to have a look-see at what oikos is up to!

Loving your passion.... preaching to the choir. :) But don't stop. :)

I'm not in discord much - I'd much rather see a lot of the discord chit-chat as posts and comments where they are open for public dialogue. And building steem.

Who thinks to be, has stopped becoming, who thinks to know has stopped learning; i am humbled by greeting you on this path to the expropriation of my ignorance. Also grateful for this opportunity to learn from someone who is so evolved. You are truly a beautiful soul!

I consider preaching dogmatic. I cannot believe in one truth. Don't we each have one as apart of all and doesn't every leaf, twig branch make a tree look beautiful that's all connected to one root? I cannot stop a tree from growing to light and i do not like to catch butterflies. They are so beautiful when they fly freely. Grow, evolve, prosper, no limitation...I do not preach, but thanks for your opportunity to reply to you 😉

Its hard for me to maintain all the me's 😅, because to me everything is about the you's! Namasté! Divinity to all!

We act as beyond many here on the blockchain, yet this one reflects to you as rane shinobi from the
#naturalmedicine community aka @yangyanje (the avatar on my profile), who is born from #mindfullife. I am also a natural person. Nice to meet you @artemislives

As subjective my character might be to you, i convey the passion of many and also support #ecotrain as an important endeavor here. We see you and we love you. 🙏🏾 amitabha! @ecoalex, @artemislives. Your timestamps, consistency and all of these common efforts is being curated and spoken about with much regard for and admired by many. We will use the steem blockchain via @oikoses and several already functioning accounts as a global group to protocol projects. So far this account has has been inactive. In the process of streem lining our social media, i also belong to a group of architects, researchers and artists who create residencies at events happening at such eco-villages. Thus far the migration, understanding community bots and other aspects have been an interesting update. I am also trying to get investors for projects like oracle-d, because many investors would be willing to fund something like an eco-village. More than a modern auroville, we also have much land space and jungle that we help put under protection with a trust. www.friendsofanimals.in is one of the trusts that does something for stray animals in distress. Its a charity for all animals. There are a lot of other things i am involved with in the real world, where i am into mainly resources that make up physical commodities. These surround Genomic research of root microbiome of Angiosperm, alternative energy in green chemistry private label manufacturing, and supply chain solution for reducing emissions. These three in a company and an association registered in switzerland. As i am offering my discord again via this perfect opening for a conversation to act. I thank you very much ! Hereby open to connect if anyone wants to collaborate with me and oikos. Don't hesitate to contact me @Shinobi#0298

Querida amiga @artemislives Es emocionante hablar de Steem, es fantástico leer lo que nos cuentas, nos da mucho ánimo para seguir, sobretodo a quienes vivimos en países como el nuestro (Venezuela) por su situación económica, pero mas aun saber que podemos ser felices mientras compartimos lo que hacemos en nuestra casa, con nuestros amigos, nuestras historias, y nuestros hobbys por esta vía, como tú dices, sin censura, eso es fascinante y de verdad muy útil, agradecemos siempre por haberte encontrado en nuestro camino, te enviamos abrazos grandes desde Venezuela para ti y tu hija.
Es un placer conocerles un poco, Gracias a Steem.
Dear friend @artemislives It is exciting to talk about Steem, it is fantastic to read what you tell us, it gives us a lot of encouragement to continue, especially those of us who live in countries like ours (Venezuela) because of their economic situation, but even more so to know that we can be happy while we share what we do in our house, with our friends, our stories, and our hobbies in this way, as you say, without censorship, that is fascinating and really very useful, we always thank you for having found you in our path, we send big hugs from Venezuela for you and your daughter.
It's a pleasure to meet you a little, thanks to Steem.

Really appreciating the way you show up every time, and give such beautiful BI-LINGUAL comments! And look at you... with a rep of 60 already!! It has been my pleasure to support and upvote you as I can, and to help others discover your work in Venezuela. I STILL want to see you writing and making @3speak videos about individual children - why they come to learn to sing with you and what it means to them in times of profound economic hardship. More eco-green songs too!! LOL. Sending you Sunday coffee time hugs, @fundakantoria. Keep it going. x

Excellent video, Artemis (Marike)!
It was really nice to hear your uncluttered, uncensored voice! More than that, it made me feel excited and passionate about how far we've come, and how much further Steem is going to take us. By the way, you don't look like a Luddite to me at all, since you're making videos on Threespeak, whereas I'm just thinking that I should... In fact, that may be the way to go, since I'll be in a place where I won't be online every day, so a short video may be on par with an elaborate text.
Talking about my plans, since I won't be able to be online every day, I'm reorganizing my SP, so it can be put to good use through other accounts. I've just delegated a larger chunk to @naturalmedicine, and I would like to include a banner on my posts, just like the one you have. Could you send me (or point me in the right direction to) a piece of code for one, and an invitation to your discord channel? I would feel almost ashamed for asking such simple things, if it didn't give me the chance to ask: Who's the Luddite now? ;-)
I appreciate your help!

Looking fwd to your video efforts!! @3speak is easy... if I can, anyone can. Im using a simple freebie editor downloaded called InShot. The banners etc you can download from discord. Both @naturalmedicine & ectrain have a "media" channel where yiu can find the banners & logos. 😊

23 months! You are such a beautiful woman and I am so honoured to know you. You inspire me so much, and honestly could not have done without your guidance and support over my two years on Steemit. It's so lovely to hear your calm, soft and articulate voice. Your kindness, your passion, your intelligence and your natural medicine wisdoms (expressed in beautifully formatted posts with wonderful stories and well founded research) are a shining light in our Steemiverse, both for #ecotrain and #naturalmedicine communities and many others. I feel so much the same - Steem has helped me feel very much part of the global community and to feel as if I am part of something bigger and something important. I too feel so much less alone since joining Steem too and I love thinking that I'm part of the same splinter or seed from the same dandelion plant as you. I do miss Keni - have you seen him of late? - @riverflows xx

If you like what we do, consider delegation or following our curation trail on Steemauto. All are welcome to join us on Discord.

Thank you.... but LOL I'm guessing you could have done without my directness on more than a few occasions. Haven't seen Keni and he's sidestepped meeting for lunch or coffee... Jamie mentioned they were having a second baby an I guess it must be born by now. They were here in Chiang Mai just before Christmas. I'm guessing Jamie is momming and Keni is endlessly editing porn videos and I'm hopeful to see hi back on the platform one of these days - he has been such an amazing and strong steem advocate and we both learned so much from him.

Its good to know that even with the depressed price of steem, that it is still changing lives. Been here since 2017, never really been able to make it work, but good for you :)

You just need to find a niche. I was taught on day 1: try to post 3-5 times a week & 12 thoughtful comments daily as a minimum. Also uovote all comments on your posts. Simple recipe. It works. Keep trying. 😊

I have tears. That was soooooo gooood.

What an amazing powerful energy you have captured on film here. Thank you for so eloquently putting into words what makes this place special. You are a legend!

I just wondered... have you considered small solar devices as a solution for your producers needing power?

Thank you. x We're working on absolute basics of getting a second tshirt for people first, and sustainable food security. The new field hospital on the Burmese side of the river opens 1st Feb. Yes, solar all the way. The dehydrators I developed and gave them as equipment are solar - probably should get around to posting more about all of that. LOL. Hugs and thanks for the vote of confidence.

Yes, @eco-alex was right to encourage you to do videos, you're a natural and I just love your energy. The message hits home too, I feel the same about my time here on Steemit and what it has given me. Living in rural Ireland as a single mother is not easy, and this platform has truly changed my life in so many different ways.
It's lovely to see you 'in person' and I might just use this video for onboarding people to Steem. Thank you!

I hope that YOU are going to do a post too, about how steem has impacted for your life. And share it on twitter and other social media. That would be cool. Yes, please use this video any way you see fit to help onboard new steem contributors.

wow, wow WOW! This such a beautiful, powerful video! What you say is SO important, so right.. YES.. amazing first vlog my dear sister...PLEASE keep talking!!!

Thank you for your eternally encouraging voice - it IS reaching me here in Luddite Land. LOL. I want to set up 2 or 3 regular spots where I can just plop the tripod up and talk.... trying to fiddle with light and contrast etc EVERY time gonna drive me nutty. First thing first... pay emergency things to be paid (car, electric & water) and then 2. order new selfie-stick-tripod x2 pronto. :)

So I opened your website in chrome on my phone and I opened the menu and this was what happend xD
Your pop-out menu was laying under your posts :D


Thanks for that heads up.... :) I shall get the web-guru onto it. :)

No problem :D

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