Syrian Ambassador Exposes OPCW Report and Warns Europe of Erdogan's Terrorists Shipments

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The Syrian Ambassador to the UN in an interview with Lebanese news channel Al Mayadeen explained what happened at the UNSC behind closed doors discussing the latest explosive report of the OPCW's own expert Ian Henderson.

Dr. Bashar Jaafari also warned European countries of the influx of terrorists who started arriving in Italy from Libya where Turkey's madman Erdogan started shipping them there from Idlib.

The report can also be found with the transcript in English and Arabic: Bashar Jaafari Speaks about OPCW, UNSC Cover-up, and Erdogan’s Shipping Terrorists to Europe.

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A true statesman and one of the rare ones to face the criminals in their presence at the United Nations. God bless him and bless Syria from all this evil.

We love Bashar Aljaafari he is very brave and smart and the world should listen to what he says and each time he tells about things nobody know it's happening in the united nations itself like in this video. thank you for sharing Arabi and please keep up the good work . greetings from every body here in Homs :)