Full Banned Interview with President Assad by Italian Rai News 24

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The Syrian President Bashar Assad gave an interview to Italian Rai News 24 and the interview was supposed to be aired first by the Italian channel and consecutively by the Syrian media, however, the Italian channel delayed broadcasting the interview more than once without giving any proper justification.

Maybe there's something the Syrian President said about EU's role in creating, funding, and arming terrorists in Syria and later imposing sanctions against Syria which caused the flow of refugees into European countries and also the danger of terrorists smuggled there, that would be the reason the Italian channel found itself at unease broadcasting it?

Keeping their people in the dark is better than coming clean and explaining their wrongdoings and crimes they committed in the names of those people with their money and now they need to face reality.

More in this report: President Assad’s Banned Interview with Rai 24: Europe Key Perpetrator of Terror in Syria

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was it banned by the italian government or the news site? who is the reporter and how did u get the video if its banned?

They made an agreement to air it on 2nd December, it was recorded on 26 November. The agreement that first it would be aired by the Italian channel and Syrian social channels on 2nd and consequently on other news channels later that day. They asked for a couple of delays without any reason then the Syrian Presidency gave them a final notice to air their version as per the agreement or the Syrian Presidency would air its part without waiting for them, and they didn't even until now broadcast the interview...

There's always a second copy with the interviewee, especially when it's an official body. We had similar issues before with US's ABC network which they cut and paste the answers to different questions, I don't remember exactly the details but it was something like one answer for a different question was aired in the promo after another question, very stupid of them, then the Syrian Presidency that time aired the full interview and that helped Syrians confirm the US media is full of bias and only works as propagandists for the Pentagon.

See: https://steemit.com/informationwar/@arabisouri/syrian-presidency-warns-italian-media-for-non-broadcasting-interview