CocaCola "TasteTheFeeling" MoneyShot - Probably NSFW

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Someone on Twitter shared this TikTok video.

I saw an opportunity for a provocative meme and knew I had to act.

I was on my mobile device but was able to create this even with limited memetic technology.

The way the music flowed with the scene really seemed on point.

Here's the Tweet but seems like the humor was lost on them. Whatever.

It's funny. Change my mind.

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Wells there's a couple of take-away's from this, Morgan Freeman and Grandma are still getting free hits all the other old farts have to pay for it.

Lol, old grandman is having best times of her life haha

I upvoted this low-effort-post because marky loves you.

You take that back! I spent almost my entire lunch break making this meme. Lol

It would have been better on my desktop but hey I had to work w what I had.

Def do appreciate Marky's support. I try to give all my autovoters their money's worth so to speak.

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Lol. Crazy new meme.

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