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My biggest respect for your courage taking these videos by yourself 👏👏
Please stay safe.
It's disgusting to see how divided we already are and how many people still don't understand what's going on.
In our Steem telegram group I shared a link of Tommy's latest post, very soon I was called a rightwing...
Just unbelievable....
Wish you much power to continue your impressive work.
Stay safe.

The pigs had their collective asses handed to them lolz n lolz n lolz

Great work sharing the value of having censorship-proof content platforms in 2019. You absolutely cannot be censored from Steem, but i think it's important for users to remember that 3rd party centralized websites like 3speak absolutely can censor them. (Dlive censored all it's steem users by dumping all the steem and leaving).

Thanks for sharing such a powerful piece with us. Happy new week sir @anarcotech

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