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Seems like these people haven't quite yet understood that the system of nations and governments has always been here to divide, conquer and farm as many people as possible - regardless of their background or intentions. The terribly sad truth of patriotism is that in almost all cases it is more like stockholm syndrome, where the captives become attached to and stand up for those who imprison them. If you want real justice, you are going to have to learn quickly that authoritarian hierarchies of all kinds are very much part and parcel of most of the problems faced by most groups. If you want a better life, start at home first.

#Freetommy is a good cause.

#dannytommo, this is the first I have seen of him. In the video I saw him scolding a police officer. He was surrounding the officer with cameras and microphones. He was shouting at the man while several rowdy buddies of his were constantly pressing in, and he was clearly having trouble restraining them. Interrupting a police officer repeatedly. Shouting obscenities on the street. Shouting angrily into a microphone wired into am amplified speaker system. Pushing back against people and police officers. Resisting arrest. Cursing profanities. Gnashing his teeth. Moving in packs with people being pushed away from people who don't want him so close. Asking people to chant "scum". Maybe not crimes, but all bad behavior. Combined, enough to be arrested for disturbing the peace.

The police definitely are following some screwy policies, most likely due to the London Mayor wanting to discourage the #freetommy folks from bothering the locals.

Maybe walking around with t-shirts that show off their tattoos and muscles wasn't the best image to portray for a peaceful protest. Instead they look angry, threatening, and unhinged. Why is the most unhinged person there the one barking orders at followers to add protection at various locations? I swear he looks like he is on drugs.

It is really hard to take him seriously when he puts things like this on social media. The edits are so bad, it is hard not to wonder what in the world happened before the police put him down on the ground. One moment he is yelling and pushing, and the next moment he is being restrained. Then he is back running through the streets jumping up and down again. What is he trying to do? Is he really trying to #freetommy, get a viral video, build publicity for his own name, instigate a riot, or what?

These protesters should consider asking Danny not to get on the microphone unless he can behave in a more peaceful manner. He is not the kind of leader that will help their cause. He might cause even more embarrassment than Tommy Robinson has had to endure so far.

This is definitely police brutality, I think a few of Tommy supporters feels he's been treated unjustly and I might want to think the English judiciary isn't being transparent and a riot is what you get when this kind of things happen, it's definitely the wrong policing. People definitely go way above their heads like Danny here, but that's not how to handle this situation.

Oh, what harassment by these police? I think it is become very alarming every now and then you will see police assault. In my opinion, their officers should have words of advice about how they treat the public. I love your video shared here with us.

@anarcotech, It's really painful. In my opinion these are the signs that Dark Forces are ruling this planet. Stay safe and blessed.

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