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I've been following Tommy since almost the earliest days of the EDL. Back then phone cameras and video were far less common but I heard on the ground reports from people I know and trusted at EDL demos and then saw the headlines in the media.

I'm glad more and more people are learning what I learned a decade ago: you can't trust the media at all.

Even tonight when there is a Panorama program about Jew hatred in the Labour Party (something I'm well inclined to believe and was even interviewed on Israeli TV the day Corbyn was elected leader) I'm still hesitant to take almost anything they say at face value because I just don't trust the people making the program!

[Though I'm still convinced Corbyn wishes the destruction of my nation even if he doesn't think this is Jew hatred, it is. Problem is he also wishes the destruction of his own nation because that's what globalism would do!]

Extremely sad to see in what world we're living...
Divide and Conquer, bringing the war inside our countries...
Orwell's vision was only a Kindergarten.
Stay save there

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I have been following the court case of Tommy Robinson, and I think things i gonna be well with him in the next meeting, count on us the supportors. Many thanks to this video in @threespeak!


This is indeed very serious to see the Police creating barrier and blocking people from getting closer to the court scene. In any way, we are thank our Maker for granting us peace and no injury in respect to this blockage by the police. We congratulate the funs of all Tommy Robinson for controlling their actions and inactions in this case. Thank you very much @anarcotech for taking records of this court verdict.

Tommy Robinson's case is explicitly sad because I think looking at the whole case and the situation sorrounding this. And seeing the crowd I definitely think he's even going to have more trying days because I look at him he may be facing a long time away, I just pity him really. Be looking to see how it turns out.

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