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I don't generally agree with Tommy Robinson's views but I do support his right to voice them.

The way he's been treated here by the state is disgusting.

Yes, quite. It really doesn't matter whether you agree with someone or not, the state does not exist to regulate opinion, and the current situation is very concerning.

We'll have to agree to disagree that capitalism and democracy 'work'. lol
Democracy has always been a puppet show designed to divide and conquer the masses.

I do tend to agree, but here we are. I guess the world isn't quite yet ready for decentralised governance. It's coming though

I feel the world was born ready - it's just that so many have bought into the lies that have them thinking otherwise! That said, I remain a supporter of real anarchy - the absence of rulers and thus the absence of governance. Voluntary co-creation feels so much better than artificial hierarchy and imaginary authority :)

Great @anarcotech, my regards to you too and @tommyrobinson, I have been following the court case of Tommy Robinson, and I think things i gonna be well with him in the next meeting, count on us the supportors. Many thanks to this video in @threespeak!

Thank you @oppongk. Well, I guess we have to wait for the sentence now. I think this is going to be a very tough time for him and his family.

Great interviews @anarcotech!

Awww. Why not gimme some tshirt with 3Speak logo.☺

You deserve one! Lets see what we can do....

Great set of interviews @anarcotech, lets hope the tide is turning on free speech which is a fundamental democratic right or at least should be. I totally agree tha this should never have been held at the Old Bailey, it rather makes a mockery of that court to have a trial like this there. Hopefully the sentence won't be prison with the possibility time already served will be taken into account.

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