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I was wondering yesterday, since they describe themselves as right wing, whether they actually understand the implications of that and how it means support for monarchy, top down control and basically a loss of power for themselves in the process. Apparently many there do support that, which I found a bit surprising - but not entirely.
There is a huge contradiction when people are facing censorship and control, to be then standing and singing the songs in support of those who control them. #stockholmSyndrome comes to mind.

I generally found that many of them don't refer to themselves as Right Wing... A lot identify as centrists, but they mostly all refer to themselves as patriotic. I think you raise an interesting point about power and authority.

OK, I see. I do recall hearing Tommy's cousin say he was right wing aligned - and maybe some others. I think patriotism, when it means support for monarchy and top-down control hierarchies is essentially the same thing as right wing, given the origins of the phrase 'right wing' during the French revolution (it means the right wing of seats in the French parliament - populated by monarchists). I do know, though, that few people seem to understand the origins of the terms they use and so the meanings have become diluted or even reversed.

Without understanding the principles involved when it comes to power, we just keep going round in the same circles that have existed for all of recorded history!

Labels and language limit our experience that's true.

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Thankfully the actions of the big boys is helping, but we need more people to wake up to what is going on. The more users we can get switching from these other platforms the better, we are headed to exciting times.

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